We offer a variety of event sponsorship opportunities to showcase your company’s brand and strengthen your reputation in the business community. It is only with the support of our members that we are able to continue to produce our high-quality events. Sponsorships are offered at various price points and provide a host of benefits for your business.

Companies can experience a number of significant benefits as a result of sponsoring networking events. You’ll be able to:

Expand your network and make connections that can lead to new business opportunities.

Align your company message with relevant, quality content delivered through a first-class affair.

Gain exposure to ideas and best practices that you can apply to your own business.

Stand apart from your competition and position your company as local industry leader.

Create goodwill by supporting the local community and its economic development.

Utilize VIP hospitality benefits to enhance business relationships.

Organizations that wish to provide significant ongoing financial support to CAAP can do so by becoming

  • Platinum Sponsorship
  • Gold Sponsorship
  • Silver Sponsorship
  • Media Partnership

Contact us or call 1-647-276-1111 for more information about event sponsorship opportunities.