Flavors of Fall

Fall is a transition season – when the hot summer is slowly transitioning to the cold winter!

Drynesswindinessroughness, and erratic weather are prominent features that fall brings – similar to the properties of vata dosha.

When Vata bioenergy increases in our body, then One feels any of following symptoms:

  • Nervousness
  • Moodiness
  • Anxiety
  • Impairment of sensory functions
  • Tremors in Limbs
  • Constipation
  • Sadness
  • Insomnia
  • Dry & rough skin

When we oppose these qualities, we bring the balance back. So, the qualities that we should increase in fall season, by changing our diet and lifestyle, to counter such effects are increase oiliness or lubrication to counter dryness and roughness, heaviness to counter the light and warmth to offset the coolness.

Oiliness or Lubrication

Start with a daily or at least weekly oil self-massage (abhyanga) to prevent drying. Skin starts drying, lips might get more chapped and eczema might start to show during this season.

An oil massage has a lot of amazing effects on your skin. It sharpens the senses, lubricates the body, promotes good sleep, and helps skin to be healthy and shiny. For internal lubrication, increase the amount of good quality fats in your diet during the season.

The best oil for vata is warm sesame oil or warm almond oil, but do check what suits you the best before using. Other commonly used oils are coconut oil and mustard oil.

Diet during Fall Season

Meals you take must be warm and strengthening during fall. Pungent, bitter and astringent foods should be avoided. Hot spices are a plus. Take meals in small portions. Avoid fast food and junk food.


Recommended: Cooked Asparagus, Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Coriander, Cucumber, Daikon radish, Fennel, Garlic, Green beans, Green chillies, Lettuce, Mustard, Okra, Olives (black), Onions (cooked), Parsley, Parsnip, Peas (cooked), Pumpkin, Radishes (cooked), Spaghetti squash, Spinach (raw/cooked), Sprouts, Squash (summer/winter), Sweet potato

Best Avoided: Frozen, raw or dried, Bitter melon, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage (raw), Cauliflower (raw), Celery, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mushrooms, Olives (green), Onion (raw), Peas (raw), Peppers (hot/sweet), Potatoes, Prickly pear, Radishes (raw), Sweetcorn (fresh), Tomatoes (cooked or raw), Turnips, Wheat grass sprouts


RecommendedSweet Fruit, Apples (cooked), Apple sauce, Apricots, Avocados, Bananas, Berries, Cherries, Coconuts, Dates (fresh), Figs (fresh), Grapefruit, Grapes, Kiwi fruit, Lemons, Limes, Mangoes, Melons, Oranges, Papayas, Peaches, Pineapples, Plums, Prunes (soaked), Raisins (soaked), Strawberries, Tamarinds

Best Avoided: Dried Fruit, Apples (raw), Cranberries, Dates (dry), Figs (dry), Pears, Pomegranates, Prunes (dry), Raisins (dry), Watermelons

Animal Foods

Recommended: Beef, Buffalo, Chicken (dark/white), Duck, Eggs, Fish (freshwater/sea), Salmon, Sardines, Seafood, Shrimp, Tuna fish, Turkey (dark)

Best Avoided: Lamb, Pork, Rabbit, Turkey (white), Venison


Recommended: Most dairy is healthy, Butter, Buttermilk, Cheese (hard/soft), Cottage cheese, Cow’s milk, Ghee, Goat’s cheese/milk, Ice cream, Sour cream, Yoghurt (diluted/spiced)

Best Avoided: Cow’s milk (powdered), Goat’s milk (powdered), Yoghurt (plain, frozen, fruit)


Recommended: In moderation: Almonds, Black walnuts, Brazil nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Pecans, Pinenuts, Walnuts

Best Avoided: None


Recommended: Amaranth, Durum flour, Oats (cooked), Pancakes, Quinoa, Rice (all kinds), Sprouted wheat bread, Wheat

Best Avoided:  Barley, Bread (yeast), Buckwheat, Cereals (cold, dry, puffed), Corn, Couscous, Crackers, Granola, Millet, Oat bran, Oats (dry), Pasta, Polenta, Rice cakes, Rye, Sago, Spelt, Tapioca, Wheat bran


Recommended: Internal and External Use: Ghee, Olive, Sesame, Most others, External use only, Avocado, Coconut

Best Avoided: Flax seed


Recommended: Lentils (red), Mung beans, Lentils (green) Mung, Soya cheese, Soya milk, Soya sauce, Soya sausages, Tofu, Urad dal (black)

Best Avoided: Black beans, Black-eyed peas, Chick peas, Kidney beans, Lentils (brown), Lima beans, Peas (dried), Pinto beans, Soya beans, Soya flour, Soya powder, Split peas, White beans

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