WhatsApp Discussion Series 4 (Ayurveda perspective of Cancer)

Thank you indeed. Can you contribute about Cancer. Ayurveda perspective of Cancer
I am so sorry, I have not posted this on group but I did it on my status, I am not aware how it came to group, I sincerely apologize for this
Vd Dilip S. Wadodkar, you have worked on Tamra Bhasma. Arkeshwar Ras contains Tamra Bhasma. Do you have any experience of Role of Tamra Bhasma in Cancer.
Sir no need to apologize. We all love India and always wish Jai Hind.
I do treat variety of cancer patients, but I which I started after my father got squamous cell carcinoma of buccul mucosa. Since then treated almost 600+patients including osteosarcoma, lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia, but I agree with the BAGHEL sirji that we get the chance to treat as an adjuvant in treatable patients or exclusively in non treatable patients. The prognosis is already very bad.
I always suggest as an adjuvant to chemo or radiation therapy to reduce the complications and increase the tolerance.
I may not be able to cure the disease but beyond doubt could improve the quality of life and a peaceful death.
Never had treated pancreatic carcinoma of any type, so can not comment on clinical experiences
Tamara bhasma is lekhana, sheetveerya, pittashleshmahara, used in mamsagranthis of rakta dushti (RTS 1/28) .
Sending link of article published inJAMa as answer by Ayush to Dr Robert saper ,
Thank you sir. We will discuss this issue in our group at length. Actually AYUSH deptt. could not understand the functioning of western regulators. The samples picked by Dr Saper were analyzed on the parameters of Dietary Supplements. However Maha Yograj Guggul or Nav Rattan Ras etc etc are regulated Ayurvedic Medicines in India. In Maha Yograj Guggul there is Kajjali, Nag Bhasma in composition. This is approved by regulatory authorities of India. AYUSH should have taken stand that Ras Preparations are medicines. These are not DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS. The testing parameter of Dr Saper was of Dietary Supplements. If western people have no knowledge of using the metals for humans, it is their problem. Indian people know very well how to use various compound of Mercury in humans. AYUSH deptt. should have told the world that if western people want to learn how to use mercury for curing incurable diseases then they should come to India and learn from our Ayurvedacharyas. Today let us discuss Cancer…
Dr Gaytri, have you ever used Tamra Bhasma alone with anupan in any disease ? What is the role of Tamra Bhasma in Cancer ?
One modern scientific study on Nano Copper shows:👇
In the modern medicine nano particle has been used as a power tool but recently it has been established that nano particle pathophysiologically affects different organs. Recently, we have investigated the role of copper nano particle in liver dysfunction. In the literature, practically little is known about the nano-copper induced renal dysfunction. We, therefore, conducted the present study as a continuation of our earlier one to investigate the molecular mechanism in nano-copper induced kidney dysfunction. Nano-copper exposure increased the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), reactive nitrogen species (RNS) and altered the levels of oxidative stress related biomarkers in kidney tissue. Signal transduction mechanism studies showed that nano copper exposure reciprocally regulated Bcl-2 family protein expression, disturbed mitochondrial membrane potential and subsequently helped releasing cytochrome c from mitochondria to cytosol. Apoptotic nature of cell death is confirmed by activation of caspases 3 which is also supported by histological study. In addition, we also observed the activation of Fas, caspase 8 and tBid in kidney tissue in this pathophysiology, suggesting the involvement of extrinsic pathways. Combining all, results suggest that nano copper can trigger both intrinsic and extrinsic apoptotic pathways in oxidative stress mediated kidney dysfunction.
Research finds that social media use is associated with increased depression.
I m using Tamra bhasma alone 60 mg morning with ghrut on 5th day of period for next 5 days

As garbhadhan vidhi mentioned in chakradatta
I have added tamra bhasma in formulations specially for liver cancer or tumour and it works well .
Wow ! What are your target organs ? How Tamra Bhasma will help in Garbhadharan Vidhi. Could you please elaborate 🙏
After Tamra bhasma using this

Given in 5 cases of infertility
2 conceived within 2 mths
Really nice
Tamra …chaturushana ghruta makes conception
Do you have data of these 5 cases
Yet 3 waiting
I am glad that you have done a study on Role of Tamra Bhasma (Copper Oxide) in Female Infertility. I was going through one article published by researchers of GAU, Jamnagar University. They mentioned : Therapeutic efficacy of Tamra Bhasma has been validated in cases such as Shvasa, Amlapitta, Kasa, Yakrit-Pliha Vriddhi, and Grahani Roga. Female Infertility was not studied by them. Was any of your patient having problem of Hypothyroidism ?
I am using swarna bhasma in both Male and female infertility cases, results are encouraging in both.
Conception varies from one month to one year.
Increase in motility is mainly noticed along with improvement in morbidity.
One modern study shows: Zinc and copper are considered to antagonize each other in several organs, while they play a significant role in the regulation and function of many systems. D-penicillamine was administered to 19 female Wistar rats for 68 days, 1 g/d/kg B.W. Plasma copper and zinc levels, as well as serum T3, T4, TSH and FSH were measured at days 50, 53, 54, 58, 62 and 68. Copper concentration presented a significant decrease. Zinc showed an initial increase by day 54, followed by a subsequent decrease. FSH levels decreased, presenting a pattern identical with that of copper. T3 and —especially— T4 alterations were similar to that of zinc and copper, whereas TSH alterations were inverse to them. It is concluded that copper and zinc alterations, induced by d-penicillamine administration, can significantly affect pituitary sex hormones (TSH) and hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in rats.
I will write tomorrow
Yes we can use suvarna raupya or Tamra as per sutra
I preferred Tamra for cost effect
Dr Sanjay Sir, your idea of giving Ayurvedic Medicine as Adjuvant to Chemo or Radiation is Great. This is very practical from many angles. As millions of patients are taking Chemo and Radiation Treatment. After this treatment still patients are suffering a lot. Ayurvedic Practitioners can easily fill the gap by offering adjuvant therapy. Let us discuss further. I found one pic. on net 👇 which is very relevant
For CA. Patients we r using hirak rasayan raoudra ras hirak bhasma vaikrant bhasma
Guduchi shatavari asbvagandha

Sariva jata mansi fant

Shodhan karma if pt indicated
Western student can understand Ayurvedic terms: Agni represents the digestive strength and metabolic rate of the body tissues. Ama represents impurities and toxins in the body. Kshayam means degeneration and depletion of the body tissues. Dosha imbalance means an imbalance of vata, pitta, and/or kapha. Dhatu agni is the metabolic rate of the dhatus. Dhatus are the body tissues.
The following article is also very useful 👇
Raudra ras 👆🏻
कल्प क्रमांक ३

रौद्र रस

( संदर्भ – भैषज्यरत्नावली /गलगण्ड – गण्डमाला – ऽपची – ग्रन्थ्यर्बुदाधिकार )

शुद्धसूतं समं गन्धं यामचतुष्टयम्।
नागवल्लीदलयुतं मेघनादपुनर्नवा॥
गोमूत्रपिप्पलीयुक्तं मर्द्यं रुद्ध्वा पुटेल्लघु।
लिहेत् क्षौद्ररसो रौद्रो गुंजमात्रोऽर्बुदं जयेत् ॥

घटक द्रव्य
१. शुद्ध पारद
२. शुद्ध गंधक

भावना द्रव्य


Cyst, fibroid, cancerous cyst, PCOD, Thyroid, Fat cysts, etc.
Is Raudra Ras available in the market. Which Mfr ?
🙏🏻it’s in marathi
Not available
Some vds preparing
Will post photo tomorrow
Weakened dhatus and dhatu agnis are important Ayurvedic concepts in the pathophysiology of cancer. Raudra Ras covers everything.
Today our topic was Pancreatic Cancer, before closing this I want to share that Apamarg (Achyranthes aspra) is also found effective in Pancreatic Cancer 👇
Very nice information about many topics since the group is formed👌👌👌👌
I will like to share my experience about Tamra Bhasma.
🌷I use single drug Tamra Bhasma in patients of Tamak Shwas.
🌷Single drug means only Tamra Bhasma and no other medicine in combination.
🌷Tamra Bhasma in a dose of 125 mg thrice a day with honey and warm water is used in adult.
🌷 Initially 125 mg Tamra Bhasma is mixed with honey then it is consumed in 15 to 20 minutes in muhurmuhu method.
🌷The same dose is repeated in same muhurmuhu manner after every eight hours.
🌷 The relief in dyspnoea is observed WITH IN 15 MINUTES of administration of first dose.
🌷We need not to give Tamra Bhasma more than 3 to 5 days depending on the chronicity and complications.
🌷Then we can start the resume for ” Avegavastha” (अवेगावस्था)
🌷I shall like to attract your attention to one important fact that properly and scientifically prepared Tamra Bhasma gives relief in bronchial asthma in 15 minutes….
🌷But but ….. Improperly made Tamra Bhasma creates emesis and abdominal discomfort with in just 05 minutes.
🌷So it is necessary that the physian should have the knowledge to identify the quality of Tamra Bhasma.
Dear members,
I humbly request you to kindly note that,
🌷 Tamra Bhasma is not merely copper oxide.
🌷It is true that quantity of copper oxide is always more in Tamra Bhasma but it is a complex mixture of copper oxide, copper chloride, citrate, sulphate, sulphide, lactate and many others.
Pranam 🙏 I was going to leave, but you post was so fascinating, I thought I should thank you. Great contribution. Your experience will save many lives. We shall try to preserve your comments, cautions and suggestions for a longer period. Regards.
We have also compared Traditional Tamra Bhasma and commercially available copper oxide and found that copper oxide could not replace Tamra Bhasma in any manner.
This is a great information. 🤜 🤛
What is method one can use to identify true Tamra bhasm practically
Thanks for very nice question.
I will like to share with you some information regarding how a physician can identify best quality Tamra Bhasma as well as how to store Tamra Bhasma so that it retains it’s best quality for longer time.

But it is late night in India, so I will explain it tomorrow.
Please excuse me.
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Great information. 👏👏👌👌
Happy Morning All 🙏🏻💐….very valuable information… could not participate in the discussions due to little health issue ..
Today, after eight months of work, I was able to complete my two-questions survey. Finally, talked to 1000th person this morning!

Although it will take a full-length paper to report the findings in an appropriate journal, my conclusion is that in 92% of the cases of illnesses, there is complete lack of reason and evidence justifying the modern medicine as first resort.

In fact, a large majority of such people finally come back to Ayurveda, as a last resort. Unfortunately, by the time that happens, a large amount of time and money already get wasted and the condition of patients often becomes irredeemable.

The message is that it may be more useful to approach Ayurveda first, and not modern medicine, in a vast majority of clinical conditions in India.

Respected sir,
What a wonderful thought!
Can I request you to make a questionnaire for doctors who treat, we can have a survey – online carried out with the doctors of different pathy, so that whether a scientific approach is followed by the doctors is followed or not can be recognized
Thank you indeed. Will discuss this issue at an appropriate time.
Banking on holistic healing – Metro News | The Star Online https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2018/06/27/banking-on-holistic-healing-plans-to-upgrade-ayurveda-centre-into-a-hospital-in-the-pipeline/#Vb9tJi5u5DwTEFSQ.41

दुनिया का सबसे खूबसूरत पौधा,
“प्रेम” और “स्नेह” का होता है ..!
जो जमीन पर नहीं,
दिलों में उगता है ..!!
“राहत” भी अपनों से मिलती है,
“चाहत” भी अपनों से मिलती है ..!
अपनों से कभी रूठना नहीं,
क्योंकि, “मुस्कुराहट” भी सिर्फ,
अपनों से मिलती है ..!!

‼अपना ख़याल रखे‼
🌹‼आपका हर पल शुभ हो‼🌹
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Dear friends……..
Tamra Bhasma though very presious medicine in the treasure of Ayurveda, it is being lost from general clinical practice.

It is because if the Tamra Bhasma is not manufactured properly or if it is not given properly, it causes side effects like emesis and/or purgation very quickly means with in half an hour.
However if used wisely, it is a drug of choice in many acute conditions, particularly in pulmonary disorders.
🌼 First of all I shall suggest that, don’t consider Tamra Bhasma as a drug of prescription.
** It is a drug of dispensing.**
The physician should have best quality Tamra Bhasma ready in his dispensory and should be dispensed accurately.
🌼 Do have the Tamra Bhasma from authentic sources or from well reputed and branded company.
🌼 Don’t forget to check the manufacturing date. If it is older than one year better to avoid it.
It is general assumption that bhasmas do not have expiry but it is not always true in case of metallic bhasmas. And in case of Tamra Bhasma it is always wrong. So check expiry date.
🌼 Examine the Tamra Bhasma organoleptically——
# It should be DARK BLACK in colour.

# Just slightly touch the Tamra Bhasma and check its taste. Usually it should be tasteless. However in some methods because of some herbs, slightly salty (Kshatriya) taste may appear.
But but ——- It should never be astringent. ( Kashaya)
Primarily these two tests are very important. If it is OK, then conduct a simple ” Dadhi Pariksha”. It is also called as “nishkalank pariksha”.
▶ Take a sour curd in a transparent glass petridish. Churn it well. Spray a pinch of Tamra Bhasma at the center and leave it for few hours. If there is no discoloration in the curd then the Bhasma is of good quality. If greenish or any discoloration occurs, it should be discarded.

▶▶▶ I have standardized this test.
We always take a curd with a pH of 3.5.
We observe the petridish for 72 hours.
This much time is sufficient to break down and detect the unwanted compounds formed in the Tamra Bhasma. So when this test is O K then the bhasma is definitely best.

However in our clinic we carry out one more confirmative test…….
The physician in our clinic himself took the Tamra Bhasma equivalent to mung dal and consume it with warm water. If there is no metallic test up to three hours, then the Tamra Bhasma can be used without hesitation.
🌼🌼 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
🙏🏽👍🏼👍🏼Good information
Wonderful information sir, it will help vaidya to use tamrabhasma more safely and frequently
May I request your kind self to guide all of us that which bhasma should be part of clinical practice.? How to identify them? What is the maximum period for storage? What examinations to be carried out & at what frequency? What are best practices for using each bhasma?
The safety precautions and antidotes in case of accident or emergency?
Thanks for your compliments.
I will try my level best to accurate information.
Please do it sir, I started using tamrabhasma in acute asthmatic attack only after I watched you in Jamnagar. The singular bhasma in use are) they are used in combo)
Nag – rarely
Rest are non metallic and used with ease
Respected Admins
If suitable please change the group icon as above picture.🙏🏽😊
What a observation on 1000 persons !! Normally it is hearsay that people visit Ayurvedic physicians as a last resort but now Researcher like you have scientifically observed it on 1000 persons with questionnaire. Amazing. 👌👍
Genius. We will put this information in Blog on our website of Canadian Association of Ayurveda Practitioners (www.ayurvedacaap.org) for future generations of Ayurveda practitioners. Regards
Dr Shahi Ji, Thank you very much for such a nice picture. This shows that you have taken deep interest to enhance the activities of International Ayurveda League. Recently we tried to change the Group Icon, then some members suggested that Lord Dhanwantri enlightens Ayurveda practitioners all over the world. To give respect, we decided to keep it as such. Regards.
Sanjay Sir, Thank you for reminding. Next topic will be Suvarna Bhasma. I would like to discuss all aspects of Suvarna Bhasma. We will discuss right from Preparation of Suvarna Bhasma, various methods of preparing Gold Bhasma in Ayurvedic Samhitas to modern method of preparing Gold Bharma by using Electric Furnace, indications, contraindications, side effects, antidotes, precautions, cautions, modern research etc. Next three four days I shall be busy with some work but I request Dr Sanjay Ji and Dr Dilip Wadodhkar Ji to open the discussion on Suvarna (Gold) Bhasma. 🙏
Dr Dilip Ji, please open the discussion on Suvarna (Gold) Bhasma. I request all the members to share their experience of using Gold Bhasma.
My first question to Dr Dilip Ji, Many companies are selling aphrodisiac products and Chyawanprash with very small quantity of Gold Bhasma in the market. What is your opinion about these products. Can our regulators decide the minimum dosage of Gold Bhasma. Many people are using these products for many months. Are they doing right.
A very Good product ,if someone goes to google and search the exact amount of Amla we procure.
The production of chavanprash in Kilogram.
?¿????¿Big question mark
Suvarna Gras to Parada
Could you explain the purpose of this video.
If I am not wrong, I think you tried to show how Gold Amalgam is made. Am I correct sir ?
Mercury dissolves many metals such as gold and silver to form amalgams. Iron is an exception, and iron flasks have traditionally been used to trade mercury.
I think some people use Mercury to make Gold Bhasma. Dr Dilip Wadodkar can explain it better. I can post a video 👇

At present I am engaged with some important work. I will participate in the discussion later on. Please excuse.🙏🙏🌷
You said Suvarna bhasma
So I thought group will like it.
Iam sorry if I have posted wrong information
Regards Dr. Harish Verma
I did not see your post Sir
Hello everyone, we are discussing Gold Bhasma. I found a video on net, which shows how to prepare Suvarna (Gold) Bhasma with traditional method. I request Ras Shastra experts in the group to comment.

Dr Nigam Ji, on the day of formation of this group, our respected member Dr Deep Pandey Ji, has set the aim and objectives of our group. He said that IAL should only share knowledge of “Triveni – Samhitas (Ayurveda Texts), Science and Experience of Ayurvedacharyas”. I request your good-self please share only those messages, videos or articles, which are relevant to our discussion. We are saving this data for future generations of Ayurveda practitioners.
The following study was done in Canada👇
Toxicity Study of Swarna Bhasma, an Ayurvedic Medicine Containing Gold 👇
Dear Friends Good Morning 🙏🌹🌷🌻🌼💐
I am sorry, I could not participate in discussion yesterday. 🙏🙏🙏
In the beginning I will like to attract your attention towards the important quote of Ayurved Prakash
This Year’s Nobel Prize In Medicine Puts Fresh Focus On Ayurveda

This is another quote from Rasendra Chudamani.
🌻 R. Chu. is book of 12th century. Indian Rasacharyas were aware of immuno modulating activity of gold before 12th century.
🌻In 16th century Ayurved Prakash described the clinical importance of Suvarna Bhasma.
🌻In early 20th century Rasa Tarangini described Suvarna Bhasma as the best medicine for children.
Excellent !! Dr Dilip Ji, you have full command on your subject, we all and future generations of Ayurveda will take advantage of your experience. I have one question from western perspective. Is there any process to make Suvarna Bhasma without Mercury or Arsenic. How much Hg or As is found in final product.
Even WHO has written following lines about Mercury in their website: Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is found in air, water and soil.
Exposure to mercury – even small amounts – may cause serious health problems, and is a threat to the development of the child in utero and early in life.
Mercury may have toxic effects on the nervous, digestive and immune systems, and on lungs, kidneys, skin and eyes.
Mercury is considered by WHO as one of the top ten chemicals or groups of chemicals of major public health concern.
People are mainly exposed to methylmercury, an organic compound, when they eat fish and shellfish that contain the compound. 👇
Methylmercury is very different to ethylmercury. Ethylmercury is used as a preservative in some vaccines and does not pose a health risk.
Sir! 🙏
There are different methods for the preparation of Suvarna Bhasma.
However in commonly used methods Arsenic or its compounds are not utilized.
Mercury is used, but it is used after its detoxification.
Several papers are available showing the safety and efficacy of Suvarna Bhasma.
Yes indeed, including in some of the best and leading journals globally.
what can we do in ayurveda accidently on ct its finding
People in west are scared of Mercury, Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium. You rightly pointed out that Mercury is used after Detoxification. When I told somebody (A Scientist) here in Canada that we use Mercury in Ayurveda after Detoxification. He was surprised. He said 100% pure mercury is available in mkt. He said whatever bad properties of Mercury are written in modern books, they are of 100% pure mercury. After Suvarna Bhasma, we will discuss various compounds of Mercury used in Ayurveda. How Ayurvedic processes bind the free mercury with Bhawna of juices of various herbs is an art. We will discuss……..
Kaya Chikitsa Experts, please help. Suggest some Chikitsa Sutra.
Pranam Sir, already posted one article https://www.researchgate.net/publication/314174206_Toxicity_Study_of_Swarna_Bhasmaan_Ayurvedic_Medicine_Containing_Goldin_Wistar_Rats
nil symptom no complain
kanchnar google sumkshatrifala and vidangrista .just advised
Modern research on Ayurvedic medicinal plants is helpful in finding solutions for complex cases. There is one study on Sunuhi leaves 👇
Chemopreventive effect of hydroethanolic extract of Euphorbia neriifolia leaves against DENA-induced renal carcinogenesis in mice.
Pracheta P1, Sharma V, Singh L, Paliwal R, Sharma S, Yadav S, Sharma S.
Author information
Bioscience and Biotechnology, Banasthali University, Banasthali, India. drvshs@gmail.com
The present study was conducted to investigate the chemopreventive effects of hydro-ethanolic extract of Euphorbia neriifolia (EN) on N-nitrosodiethylamine (DENA) induced renal cancer in male Swiss albino mice. Animals were pretreated with EN extract (150 and 400 mg/kg body weight; p.o) and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) as a standard (0.5% and 1% BHA p.o) both for two week prior to the administration of single dose of DENA (50 mg/kg body weight; p.o). Various in vivo antioxidant biochemical parameters like lipid peroxidation (LPO), superoxide dismutase (SOD), and catalase (CAT) were evaluated to determine the reno-protective and antioxidant activity of EN. DENA increased oxidative stress through increase in LPO and decrease in antioxidant enzymes (SOD, and CAT). The EN extract significantly restored the antioxidant enzyme level in the kidney and exhibited significant dose dependant protective effect against DENA induced nephrotoxicity, which can be mainly attributed to the antioxidant property of the extract. This study rationalized the ethno-medicinal use of EN for protection against renal cancer.
Please continue……… We shall discuss Suvarna Bhasma for 1-2 weeks. After method of preparation, I request Kaya Chikitsa experts and all physicians to share their experience of using Suvarna (Gold) Bhasma to finalize the exact benefits of Suvarna Bhasma.
You guys are genius. This is the right way to modernize Ayurveda.
Good going
You both are Ayurvedic Cardiologists. India ranks highest in Deaths from Heart Attack. I am sure entire group will be interested to know your experience in Management of Myocardial Infarction (MI) or Post MI in Ayurveda. We shall save your experience on internet for future generations of Ayurvedacharyas. Regards.
Sure, but after some time, plz.
Shall i ask qurry sir about pcod n shodhan
Dr Vasishth, please clarify one point – in your presentation you mentioned following Line of Treatment for PCOS 👇
Dr Vasishth, you mentioned different products for different symptoms of PCOS. Is it a symptomatic treatment. However in modern medicine, Metformin alone is recommended for PCOS. Metformin likely plays its role in improving ovulation induction, reducing insulin levels and altering the effect of insulin on ovarian androgen biosynthesis, theca cell proliferation, endometrial growth even Metformin is given in controlling weight gain in PCOS. Could you please put some light on this issue.🙏
Sorry, you got it wrong.

We have not mentioned on the basis of the symptoms but upon the underlying etio-pthogenesis…
Dr Vasishth, but etiology mentioned by you is in the Pic is 👇
I said etio-pathogenesis.

This pic is dedicated to ‘pathogenesis’.
Is it the Etiology as per Ayurveda? This is what I understood from the presentation. Please correct me if I am wrong. If you are busy, we can discuss this issue later.
Hetupratyanic chi.is it? Sir
The information contained in this video is based upon –
• Fundamentals of ayurveda
• Latest scientific research
• Our clinical and academic experience spread over 3 decades.
What is Hetupratyanic Chikitsa ? Is it Symptomatic Treatment? I am trying to simplify the discussion so that our western members can also understand. This is what I have asked Dr Vasishth.
This is amazing. We would like to listen you more ? This is a Samunder Manthan (Brain Storming). Something good will emerge after discussion.
Against causative factors

But, in due course, plz.
Sir why don’t you considered role of rakta,mamsa dhatu in causing samprapti of granthi which follows samprapti of shotha
No worries.
Thanks for being considerate!!!
Is this the causative factors explained in the video ?
Yes, pls.

It’s not possible to discuss every detail in such a brief video, pls.
In this discussion thread, I would request to please consider this fact that pragyāparadh will always come first. Indeed, any intentional error or crime is first committed in our head. Asātmaindriyārthsanyog will come later.
Will come back on this issue after a while as and when time permits.
And, I will sincerely request again that all the discussion threads that run here must account for Samhitas, Science and Experience in an integrated manner. That would be a great service to Ayurveda.
Thank you sir. We shall discuss Pragyapradha (Intentional Crime) at length, because in Ayurvedic texts Pragyapradha is considered causative factor of many Diseases. Even Pragyapradha is considered main causative factor of Depression in Ayurveda. If anyone has seen this cause in any patient of depression, please share.
If anyone has question on PCOS, please post. We will ask the experts to share their experience.
Interesting and useful.
Dr Pandey Sir, if Pragyapradha is causative factor of PCOS, how it can be corrected. Dr Vasishth has suggested different formulations for different symptoms or causes. But how to tackle Pragyapradha that has not been covered in the presentation.
Intentional deviations
Pragyāparādh is indeed the leading cause of cognitive challenges and mental disorders.

ईर्ष्याशोकभयक्रोधमानद्वेषादयश्च ये।
मनोविकारास्तेऽप्युक्ताः सर्वे प्रज्ञापराधजाः।।

īrṣyāśōkabhayakrōdhamānadvēṣādayaśca yē।
manōvikārāstē’pyuktāḥ sarvē prajñāparādhajāḥ।।

Jealousy, grief, fear, anger, egoism and hatred and so on as well as all other mental disorders result from defects/error of intellect.
Sir, do you mean Intentional deviations are also Pragyāparādh ?
Thank you indeed Prof. Prasad ji. Pragyāparādh may or should not be taken as simple deviation. It is a corruption of our software.
I will have to come back later, because as you know, every Sunday I write a guest editorial on Ayurveda and that needs to be filed by evening today.
It is in Hindi, and may be difficult for many colleagues here to understand. But just in case, those of you who desire I would be happy to forward.
No worries. Your posts are very valuable for us. Your command on Samhitas is superb.
Yes sir
If we use word crime .. it should harm the other persons but here self is affected .. thus the knowingly deviating from the regulations are prajnaaparadha knowingfull offences of self
Offence is deviation
Crime can also be committed against self.
But, let us move on.

Pragyā – intellect
aparādh – crime
Pragyāparādh is mostly software issue, so it affects ourselves most
चरक के अनुसार प्रज्ञापराध का वास्तविक रूप इस प्रकार है-

“संग्रहेण चातियोगबर्जं कर्म वाड्मनः शरीरमहितमनूपदिष्टं यत्तच्व मिथ्यायोगं विद्यात्। इति त्रिविधं विकल्पं त्रिविधिमेव कर्म प्रज्ञापराध इति व्यवस्थेत्!”

अर्थात् “मन, वचन और शरीर के लिए अहितकर और शास्त्र निषिद्ध अतियोग, अयोग और मिथ्यायोग इन त्रिविध विकल्प रूप कर्मों को प्रज्ञापराध कहते हैं।”
In other terms
Improper perception of sense is called Pragyapradha
What I have seen PCOD Is a vicious cycle obesity leads to irregular periods insulin resistance … hormonal imbalance mostly coupled with Hypothyroidism raised testetrone leading to hirsuitism ….while history taking no hereditary infertility …. and patient had regular cycle before weight gain
….So how do we explain Dusht Beej
even prolactin levels are high in some cases
The exact definition is here–

धीधृतिस्मृतिविभ्रष्टः कर्म यत् कुरुतेऽशुभम्|
प्रज्ञापराधं तं विद्यात् सर्वदोषप्रकोपणम्||
dhīdhr̥tismr̥tivibhraṣṭaḥ karma yat kurutē’śubham|
prajñāparādhaṁ taṁ vidyāt sarvadōṣaprakōpaṇam||

When a person’s dhi (ability to comprehend), dhriti(controlling power), and smriti (power to recall memories, or reminisce) get impaired, person performs inauspicious deeds that lead to aggravation of all doshas. This is called pragyaparadha (mistake of the intellect, knowingly committing crime or unwholesome/sinful acts).
Exactly very true
It is very well explained I Yogvaishisthya
Dhi Dhruti and Smruti….Pragyaradh
How repeated thoughts eventually becomes an action…repeated actions become our habbit …and habbits becomes our life style…e.g.
You visit a famous eatery have delicious food we carry back the pleasurable memories …Dhi restores it….after few days we get the memories back ….and thought process starts to visit the joint again ….after a few days repeated thoughts …turn into action ….and slowly habbits…that’s how Pragyapradh …
yes same symptoms seen.After shodhan Lekhan treatment ,I m getting v.good results.
Now a day’s I have two grp.16 to 24 (unmarried) 25 to 35(married n unmarried).Pcos pts.
👆🏻 yes agree our.. education system and peer pressure specially 10th and 12th std girls . busy with studies from early morning to late evening…no physical exercise….
Junk n fast food r also responsible
please share procedures pl
coz.My all pts. R heaving Pizza n bread n all
sir,,by 4 I will share.now busy with pts.
Please take your time Ma’am 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Me too heading for clinic
We have to discuss PCOS at length, otherwise it will also fall in category of Pragyapradha 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Now a days many Non-Ayurveda Departments are also taking interest in Ayurvedic theories, methods, procedures, medicinal plants, minerals, metals etc etc. E.g. Deptt of Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry etc etc. Medical Deptt.(Allopathic)…of course….that is our opposition party. 😁😁😁😁. We should also listen to then If anyone wants to invite any person from teaching institutions who can participate in discussions, we will welcome those members. Please ask your nearest person. 🙏🙏🙏
Few modern studies on Ayurvedic medicinal plants and procedures on PCOS are posted for ref. 👇
Effect of Aloe barbadensis Mill. formulation on Letrozole induced polycystic ovarian syndrome rat model.
Maharjan R1, Nagar PS, Nampoothiri L.
Author information
Department of Biochemistry, M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
This is a preliminary study that explores the efficacy of Aloe vera gel formulation as a possible therapeutic agent in the prevention and management of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is recognized as the most common endocrinopathy of women. Increased androgen synthesis, disrupted folliculogenesis, and insulin resistance lie at the patho-physiological core of PCOS. Current therapy for such a syndrome is use of insulin sensitizers. Large randomized clinical trials of metformin as the insulin-sensitizing drug, however, suggested that it produces many side effects after prolonged usage. For this reason, an alternate therapy would be to use herbs with hypoglycemic potential. Aloe barbadensis Mill. (Liliaceae) popularly known as Aloe vera is a well-known plant with such properties. The present study evaluated the efficacy of Aloe vera gel formulation in a PCOS rat model. Five month old Charles Foster female rats were orally fed with letrozole, a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor, to induce PCOS. The rats were then treated orally with the Aloe vera gel formulation (1 ml dose daily for 45 days). This restored their estrus cyclicity, glucose sensitivity, and steroidogenic activity. Co-treatment of the inductive agent (letrozole) with the Aloe vera gel prevented the development of the PCO phenotype. Aloe vera gel formulation exerts a protective effect in against the PCOS phenotype by restoring the ovarian steroid status, and altering key steroidogenic activity. This can be attributed to phyto-components present in the extract.
Clinical efficacy of Ayurveda treatment regimen on Subfertility with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
Dayani Siriwardene SA1, Karunathilaka LP, Kodituwakku ND, Karunarathne YA.
Author information
Senior Lecturer, Grade I, H.O.D.-Prasutitantra Kaumarabhritya.
Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrinopathy in women of reproductive age, resulting from insulin resistance and the compensatory hyperinsulinemia. This results in adverse effect on multiple organ systems and may result in alteration in serum lipids, anovulation, abnormal uterine bleeding and infertility. According to Ayurvedic view PCOS can be correlated with Aarthava Kshaya. It was revealed that most of subfertility patients who were presented Osuki Ayurveda Centre suffered from the PCOS. Therefore the present study was carried out for the clinical evaluation of the efficacy of Ayurveda treatment regimen on subfertility with PCOS. Total 40 patients were selected by using purposive sampling method. According to the Ayurveda theories of Shodhana, Shamana and Tarpana, the treatment was conducted in 3 stages for the duration of 6 months. The response to the treatment was recorded and therapeutic effects were evaluated by symptomatic relief and through Trans Vaginal Scan and LH, FSH hormone levels. The results revealed that, subfertility due to PCOS can be cured successfully by using this Ayurveda treatment regimen.
Impact of stress on female reproductive health disorders: Possible beneficial effects of shatavari (Asparagus racemosus).
Pandey AK1, Gupta A2, Tiwari M2, Prasad S2, Pandey AN2, Yadav PK2, Sharma A2, Sahu K2, Asrafuzzaman S3, Vengayil DT3, Shrivastav TG4, Chaube SK5.
Author information
Department of Kayachikitsa, Faculty of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 221005, India.
Cell Physiology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 221005, U.P., India.
Department of Science and Technology, Technology Bhawan, New Delhi, 110016, India.
Department of Reproductive Biomedicine, National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Baba Gang Nath Marg, Munirka, New Delhi, 110067, India.
Cell Physiology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 221005, U.P., India. Electronic address: shailchaube@bhu.ac.in.
Stress is deeply rooted in the society and women are frequently exposed to psychological, physical and physiological stressors. Psychological stress disturbs reproductive health by inducing generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and thereby oxidative stress (OS). The increased OS may affect physiology of ovary, oocyte quality and cause female reproductive health disorders. To overcome stress-mediated reproductive health disorders in women, shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is frequently recommended in Ayurvedic system of medicine. Although shatavari is one of the major health tonics and most popular rasayana drugs to treat reproductive ailments of women, underlying mechanism of shatavari action at the level of ovary remains poorly understood. Based on the existing studies, we propose that shatavari may improve female reproductive health complications including hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), follicular growth and development, oocyte quality and infertility possibly by reducing OS level and increasing antioxidants level in the body. Further studies are required to elucidate the mechanism of shatavari actions at the level of ovary and oocyte that directly impacts the reproductive health of women.
Dr Vasishth, your inputs on PCOS are valuable to us. Kindly share your experience of positive and negative results so that new generation of Ayurveda practitioners can learn from from your experience. Otherwise they will repeat the mistakes. 🙏
Dr Sadhana, a few days back you posted your experience of Tamra Bhasma. Were there any patient of PCOS of in the list of your sub-fertility patients who responded to Tamra Bhasma ? Please share
Yes Sir,I m sharing one of my most challenging case.I m v.poor in documentation..Rima shah.Age 16 yrs.(2012).weight 118 kg.Pcos,Hypothyroidism,High cholesterol(Triglyceride,ldl).Diastolic B.p.high.Hersuttisam.Means bunches of symptoms.Did classical virechan yearly 3 time(every time 35 to 40 vega).
Lekhan _Kanchnar gugglu 3 3 3
2 2 2
First 3 month . n walking starting 15 minute .Then 45 minute.Wkly 3 time yoga(under trained instructed.).Total pathya palan in food.After 3 month she stopped thyroxin means normal.Cholestrol normal.After one year periods regular n normal.2013 in also 3 classical virechan n Rajah pravartini vati 2 2 2.Every 3 month sonography n other investigations.weight is 75 kg.Sonography shows no pcos.Last I checked her in 2015 Nov..
Brilliant!!! What is Kuberax ?
lata karanj
Oh I see ! So, in Ayurveda Lata Kranja, an antiyperglycemic like Metformin in modern medicine are also recommended in PCOS along with other herbal medicines. 👌💐💐🙏
Sir, if you are interested to conduct Workshops in Canada then CCAY can help you. Please visit www.ccaycollege.com
It is hard to convince for Virechan age of 16.coz.At Mumbai for abhyantar snehan ..N for this patient during one virechana doses 800ml.
Sure sir 🙏
We can go for sadyasnehana following virechana
Sadyasneha dose what i follow is weight of patient equal ml of ghruta plain or medicated with milk at 3pm and virechana dravya is given at midnight to get vega usually after 4 to 5 hours with out having any sleep disturbance
But kapha dosha is more it may give vomitings so i preffer to give virechana drug at 6am
Details of kuberaksha or Latakaraj
I m following only shastriya .Yes always as per weight,chronicity,Age,kal…
I m interested to write on pcos

We have write up on vandhyatva n shodhan chikitsa in marathi
This article just published in national seminar on infertility …

Shall I post as it is ?
Dr Sadhana, many of us will not be able to understand Marathi. Can you post your experience of your PCOS patients. Your experience is valuable to us as well as for future generations.
Today busy with pts so unable to write or take part in discussion ..

Will post tomorrow
Will eagerly wait……
We have very wide range of medicine s.
Shodhan shaman pathyapathya yoga

Ahar. I.e.diet vihar daily routine exercise vichar means behavior includes all dharniya Vega n important proper medicine s or chikitsa works together ..🙏🏻
Good evening🙏
I just want to share my views🙏 on pcos
As PCO is a syndrome we have to take it as following conditions..
1.artava dusti-menstrual abnormality
3.prameh – insulin resistance
5. Anartava- amennorrhoea.
And treatment according to the condition of that pt.as diagnosed by vaidya.
Totally we can consider it as sannipataja vyadhi
Sthoulyahara ie apatarpana
Etc will help
In any yonivyapad vayu plays an imp. Role .
Without vuyu samprapti does nt ….As per charak sutrA yonivyapad chi. Adhaya.

Raj updhatu of ras

Vat dosha with kaph n pitta anubandh

Ras rakta mansa shukra dhatu raj r dushya

Ras raktvah mansvah artavvah strotas vikruti

Sthan or location garbhashay beejgranthi

Laksha na. Anartav alpartav sthoulya vandhyatva n many other associate…

Pcos pts no so high in society due to today’s lifestyle.

According to Ayurveda

Artav on 12th day of cycle

Aratavam aagneyam agneyam pittam..

Pitta virechan pradhan

Yonirog vata pradhan

So we start snehpan on 5th day or after menses

Snehpan with tiktak mahatiktak ghrut dadimadi ghrut kalyanaak or falghrut


Then basti

Sahchar for anuvasan

Niruh wide range of dravya dashmool arandmool deodar etc

Alternate day ..

Or 1st n last anuvasan

Rest all lekhan basti

Daru halad haridra trifala kutaj indrajav khadir kiratatikta etc with goutra yavakshar

Nasya with kalyanak ghrut

Correction of constipation if so

Uttarbasti. Kshartel kashis tel n bala tel combi if necessary or indicated

Single drugs. Latakaranj. Kalabol shigru gajarbee shatavari yashtimadhu kashmari chaturbeej etc

Chandra prabha kubraksha gugul
Panchjeerak rayan

Artavshudhihar kadha
Kumari asav

Manmathabhra ras
Pushpadhanava etc

All above drugs we r using according to patients samprapti …

Adv proper diet n exercise
We can use prajasthapan gan too
We should think aavrutatva too in pcos
We r giving virechan in small children too if indicated n necessary.
Shatpushpa seeds are missing in the list. Shatpushpa is very commonly used in west for female disorders including Dysmenorrhea, Vulvovaginal Candidiasis etc.
In India, the National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on 1 July every year to pay tribute to legendary Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy MRCP, FRCS; (1 July 1882 – 1 July 1962) was the second Chief Minister of West Bengal in India. He remained in his post for 14 years as an Indian National Congress candidate, from 1948 until his death in 1962. He was a highly respected physician and a renowned freedom fighter.The nation honored Dr. Roy with the Bharat Ratna on 4 February 1961. On 1 July 1962, his 80th birthday, after treating his morning patients and discharging affairs of the State. He gifted his house for running a nursing home named after his mother. Happy Doctor’s Day !!!!
manmathabhra ras??
I observed pcos pt of both type means

Santarpanjanya samprapti
N where shodhan etc concept mentioned by babel madam works
Aptarpanjanya samprapti needs santarpana chikitsa
In such cases I prescribed khshirpak of shatavari ashwagandha bala vidari along with other medicine
Dr. Gautam, can you elaborate Santarpanjanya samprapti & Aptarpanjanya samprapti ?
I m also intrested to know
OK sir
शरीरं जर्जरीभूतं व्याधी ग्रस्तं कलेवरं औषधं जाह्नवी तोयं वैद्यो नारायणो हरिः Happy Doctor’s Day

Greetings from Peru.🙏🙏🙏
Wish to hear more pcos Discussion.pl.share
In west, we cannot recommend full Panchkarma due to many reasons including certain regulations in some states, time constraints etc. Some useful tips for PCOS : 1. PCOS is common in adolescents and should be considered in an adolescent with irregular menses and excess weight.
2. The metabolic syndrome is a common feature of PCOS. Testing for glucose intolerance and dyslipidemia is required, particularly in the presence of obesity.
3. Lifestyle changes are the first-line intervention in young women with PCOS, who are overweight
4. Management of the PCOS with Ahaar Dravya (Dietary supplements) like Cinnamon and Aloe vera and Vihaar (activities) like fasting, exercises is beneficial. I will try to post some studies on Cinnamon and Aloe vera.
Cinnamon improves metabolic factors without detectable effects on adiponectin in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
Borzoei A1, Rafraf M2, Asghari-Jafarabadi M3,4.
Author information
The objectives of this study were to investigate the effects of cinnamon supplementation on glycemic indices, serum lipids and adiponectin in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

This double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted on 84 overweight or obese PCOS patients. Subjects in cinnamon (n=42) and placebo (n=42) groups were given 3 cinnamon capsules (each one contained 500 mg cinnamon) or placebo daily for 8 weeks. Fasting blood samples, anthropometric measurements and dietary intake data were collected at the baseline and at the end of the trial. Data were analyzed by independent t test, paired t test and analysis of covariance.

Cinnamon significantly decreased serum fasting blood glucose, insulin, homeostatic model assessment for insulin resistance, total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and weight and increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol compared with placebo (all p<0.05). Serum triglyceride and body mass index significantly decreased in the cinnamon group, in comparison with baseline values (p=0.001 and p=0.002, respectively). No significant changes were seen in serum adiponectin in either group. CONCLUSIONS: Short term supplementation of cinnamon had some favourable effects on metabolic risk factors of women with PCOS and may be useful in management of PCOS complications. Evidence of Role of Exercises in PCOS is also there 👇 Effect of exercise on ovarian morphology and expression of nerve growth factor and alpha(1)- and beta(2)-adrenergic receptors in rats with steroid-induced polycystic ovaries. Manni L1, Cajander S, Lundeberg T, Naylor AS, Aloe L, Holmäng A, Jonsdottir IH, Stener-Victorin E. Author information Abstract Oestadiol valerate (EV)-induced polycystic ovaries (PCO) in rats cause anovulation and cystic ovarian morphology. Denervation of ovarian sympathetic nerves restores ovulatory disruption. In the present study, we determined whether 5 weeks of voluntary exercise influence ovarian morphology and the expression of sympathetic markers in the EV-induced PCO rat model. The effect of exercise on (i) ovarian morphology; (ii) mRNA and protein expression of nerve growth factor (NGF); and (iii) mRNA and number of ovarian-expressing cells for the NGF receptor (p75 neurotrophin receptor) and the alpha(1a)-, alpha(1b)-, alpha(1d)- and beta(2)-adrenergic receptors (ARs) in rats with EV-induced PCO was evaluated. PCO was induced by a single i.m. injection of EV, and controls were injected with oil alone in adult cycling rats. The rats were divided into four groups: (i) control (oil); (ii) exercise group (oil + exercise); (iii) a PCO group (EV); and (iv) a PCO exercise group (EV + exercise). The exercise and PCO exercise groups ran voluntarily for 5 weeks in computer-monitored wheels placed in the cages where they were housed. The results obtained indicated that ovarian morphology was almost normalised in the PCO exercise group; NGF mRNA and protein concentrations were normalised in the PCO exercise group; high numbers of NGF receptor expressing cells in PCO ovaries were lowered by exercise; and the number of immunopositive cells of the different AR subtypes were all reduced after exercise in the PCO group, except for the alpha(1b)- and beta(2)-AR whereas the mRNA levels were unaffected, indicating transcriptional regulation. In conclusion, our data indicate a beneficial effect of regular exercise, as a modulator of ovarian sympathetic innervation, in the prevention and treatment of human PCOS. Cinnamon Capsules are easily available in west Great sharing.My both grp.M advise or compulsory Exercise.One day Running,Walking or badminton or Tennis n next day yoga n meditation.I m prescribe Madhya -Mansyadi than vati.All combination getting tremendous result. Doctor, can you please elaborate Madhya -Mansyadi ? Due to chintyanam cha atichintanat ,ruksha ,alpa ahar vat is vitiated,and this diet also causes ras rakta kshaya .as raja artava is updahatu of rasa dhatu ,it reaches in kshya awastha .due to aptarpana uttatottar dhatu kshya is obseted in pt..so in aptarpanjanya samprapti Apan vayu is vitiated .also there is Ras rakta dusti means imbalance in harmones which leads to pcos like condition. In sushrut samhita su 15 /39 It is mentioned that due to vata prakopaka ahar vihar ,alpa aahar person suffer from gulma ,raktapitta etc diseases A case of PCOS My own self was diagnosed with PCOS in the year 2001 while in last year of my graduation, I had clear cut symptoms like weight gain, hirsuitism, missing periods and scanning reports, ultimately I was fortunate to be in a reputed institute and was treated very well with almost similar line of treatment as described above by fellow physicians. After a decade I became a full fledged type 2 diabetic and to my surprise there was not much hope except continuous medication. Well it’s been 4 years that I am medicine free and reversing insulin resistance with the help of different strategies. I would like to put the emphasis on treating insulin resistance, and how do one know that one has this condition, well, do hormonal testing, fasting insulin along with sugar levels, glucose load intake, one hour insulin and blood glucose levels followed by two hours and until they both come down to the same level as before glucose load. This gives the clear picture of the intensity of insulin resistance. Generally physicians check fasting sugar or random sugar and if that falls within range, leave the case assuming things are fine. But fasting blood sugar above 76 and post prandial above 120 are considered as pre diabetes. Regarding supplements, Magnesium is very very helpful, cinnamon is promising herb, but to look for organic Cinnamon zeylanicum it should not be Cinnamon cassia or aromaticum, most of the samples I found in market are not zeylanicum, other than zeylanicum is not useful. Regarding diet, completely anti inflammatory diet is suggested along with recurrent fasting schedules. Dairy, eggs, animal protein, pesticides, herbicides, environment pollutants....all are inflammatory. Hope this helps the physicians to treat this metabolic syndrome so that the treated PCOS cases doesn’t come back as type 2 diabetic. Excellent !!!!`💐💐💐💐 Please provide a suitable caption to the above photographs. AYUSH is wishing 👇 Felicitation on Doctors day with Great Service Award from INDO ASIAN ACADEMY AND TELUGU TEJAM FOUNDATION AT BANGALORE FROM DIFFERENT FIELDS OF MEDICINE🙏 By mistake it is posted in this group, while posting for other group . Sorry🙏 Sometimes change yield Cheers !!! 🙏🙏🌹 💐👌🏻 Now we can understand, why you are different. Many members sent me the messages that they have come to know first time the facts about Tamra Bhasma posted by your goodself. Dr Dilip Wadodkar sir, your entire family is involved in "Seva". Regards !!! Thanks🙏🙏🙏 It's the work done under me on Study on Anartava wsr to PCOD. Even by Uttarabasti 40% of PCOD patients got relieved in my pH.D work. Uttarabasti was done with phalahrita 👍🏻 Dr Shylaja Ji, Its very interesting that 40% of PCOD patients got relief with Uttarabasti. What was the exact procedure of Uttarabasti for PCOD patients. Can you explain with some diagram, where Phalghrita reached under your observation and how it worked for ovaries. What could be the probable pathway of mode of action of Phalaghrita ? Ishall post few pic. For the understanding of some of members of our group kindly post the steps of Uttarabasti. We shall save this information on net. Is it correct way ? I am sure Ghrita cannot reach Ovaries through Basti. The mechanism of action may be through nervous system. Kindly put some light on this hypothesis form both Ayurvedic and Modern Point of view.🙏 Actually the procedure done was not only for PCOD. The main target was on Vandhystwa,ie female infertility PCOD was The associated condition confirmed before treatment by USG, and later after treatment in the same manner. Uttarabasti was given to reach body of the uterus passing internal or. Os, sorry typing mistake I tried to take the picture of Uttarabasti dravya till where it's reaching with the help of sonolgist, because of ghee as media it wasn't possible.🙏🙏 Yes you are correct I request all experts to participate actively in this discussion. This is the only platform on whatsapp, which discuss the Samhitas (Traditional Knowledge), Modern Science and Experience of experts. I have few questions. Can you please post the all step of the procedure. How painful is to to dilate OS in young females. For Dilatation of OS is there need of Local Anesthesia or sedation ? I have few more questions Not at all come across as it's practically used in married women. In the younger it's not advised.normal visualization with speculum and uterine sound to assess the direction was used Now a days disposable canula available it is easy Or we r cutting scalpvein from niddle side n using Infant feeding tube too Infant feeding canula is used,use and through only 👍🏻 Syringe was attached to it. Dr.Sanjay bhai,Dr.Baghel sir opinion for PCOS.? Wah!!! Outstanding Indeed!!! 👌 Dr Shantiben, in Jamnagar Dr Shilpa Donga, Dr Laxmidei and modern Gynecologist Dr Kalpana Khandheria are doing very good job. Many Pg, PhD theses submitted and papers published in pubmed listed journal Dr Pandey Ji, Today is a Canaday Day. I have come in a event organised by Punjabi community. Its huge event. After reaching home I will join the discussion on PCOS. In the mean time post few research papers on Uttarabasti. 🙏 Mubarak ho 💐 Is it phal ghrit ?? Yes Sir🙏 Ok.sir Thanks. Mam, thank you very much for answering some queries. When I was India, my wife Dr Rashmi Verma, use to treat PCOS only with oral medications. You know very well in private practice we Ayurvedic practitioners get patients when the medical treatment fails. Most of the patients were taking Metformin from their medical experts and we usually added Fenugreek and Cinnamon. She is practicing same method in Canada also. The results are very good. Most of our members are from educational institutes. But we were in private practice throughout my career. There may be difference of opinion on what I am going to ask. After going through Uttarabasti literature, I think if it can be combined with IVF, then failure of Implantation Rate in IVF therapy can be decreased. What is your opinion. Please do not say IVF is fraud. Whenever I discuss IVF with Ayurvedic doctors or Ay teachers, most of them said that IVF is a big fraud of this century. But the reality is in private sector IVF is very hot topic. I do not want to discuss business aspect of IVF. As we discuss science so I have respect for IVF technique also. Please give your opinion then we shall proceed further. If all Gynae experts can give their opinion that will be appreciated. Its mid night in Toronto. 🙏 The following Animation can be used to teach the students, who want to learn Uttarabasti. 👇 However this is an animation of HSG. But Uttrabasti concept can be described with same animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9c9aCYOOmQ Thank you very much🌹🌼🌹🙏🙏🙏 Dr Shylaja Mam, do you use any sterilisation procedure to sterilise the Ghrit of Oil before insrting in uterus ? Ghrit or Oil* Have you also used Uttarabasti in endometriosis ? If yes then which oil or ghrit ? We keep all needful in 1 tin n then in pressure cooker Sometimes fire instruments in spirit Ghrut or oil heat n use Mam, have you used Uttrabasti in Endometriosis also ? Yes sir,we do Endometriosis so far only one case is treated, result is encouraging with phalahrita only No What are the other indications where you applied Uttarabasti ? Dr Dilip Ji, we will comeback to Suvarna Bhasma, method of preparing by traditional method and by electric furnaces. Let me finish Uttarabasti discussion. I see some light in this technique. I saw in books and on net. Lot of research work has been done in GAU, but it has not been promoted so far. I shall try to polish this technique then we we will present to the world. We have done one experiment in case of Shirodhara. I have introduced Shirodhara to mainstream naturopaths in Canada. Will post the link. Infertility due to any kshayjanya samprapti or no local aratav strotas dushti Depends on endometrium thickness Pcos Scanty menses Though all normal to prepare healthy beej garbhshayya anovulatory cycle Any obstructive samprapti But my priority is always many types of basti than uttarbasti Prajasthapan Yapan Vrushya Niruh Lekhan Bruhan Sorry.by mistake🙏 👏🏻👏🏻 Great Achievement pleasure to see the pics Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. May you grow from strength to strength. God bless. 🙏🏽🌸🌺 Congrats mam Congratulations 💐💐👏 Dr Babel Mam, As on today there is no concept of Intrauterine Medication in Modern Medicine. I am trying to narrow down the indications of Uterine Uttarabasti so that this technique can become popular in the world. In Uterine Uttarabasti we can reach the endometrium easily. If we can select certain medications in form of oil or ghrita, which are effective in Endometrial disorders like Endometriosis, Endometrial Polyps, Submucosal Fibroids, Endometrial Hyperplasia, Endometrial Adhesions, Endometrial Adenocarcinoma etc. We shall be able to convince the world. These all problems are all most incurable in modern medicine. However these are systemic (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovary axis) diseases but we can design Oral as well Intrauterine Therapy for Endometrial disorders. Is there any work done in any institute. I could not find on net. Now a days it is very easy to develop the Pharma Products. We should have evidence of efficacy and safety. Sterilized and Disposable Syringes with tubes and medicines can be developed without any problem. So many technologies are available all over the world. Dr Hebbar is member of our group. He is a CEO of Easyayurveda.com. Uttarabasti has been described in the website. For more details Please click 👇 https://easyayurveda.com/2016/08/21/uttara-basti-method-indications-mode-of-action/ This is another good article on PCOS 👇 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3611647/ I have researched regarding Shatapushpa during my postgraduate studies and being used now perhaps for different indication. Kashyapa has indicated Shatapushpa to be Shukrashodaka and Artavashaodaka too. So it is a good choice in Avaranajanya Artava dushti.. and specially in pcos Happy Morning East and Wishing a pleasant evening to west Can we help this little patient Niddhi Chonkar 15 yrs c/o - Anartav h/o - blood transfusion at the age of 3 yrs F/o - Mother Father normal m Mother had monarchs at the age of 15. one sibling elder brother Birth History Pre term ...at 8th month Birth weight -1 1/2 kg ND Secondary sex characters not developed ...recently with medication feels tenderness in breast...no pubic hair may be 3 to 4 1or 2 hair in the axillary region over all performance in studies good Motions - regular Urine - normal Sleeps -well Ht - 4' 6" Wt - 30 kg During ANC mother was not well nourished. her present treatment attached along with not monarch please menarche....auto check 😟 I cannot figure out the medications written by some doctor in Surat Any genetic or chromosomal study done ? No ...I don't think so... Here when we give anuvasan basti as per indication we add shatpushpa 10gms n saindhav 10gms It could be Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) is a congenital anomaly characterized by congenital absence of the uterus and upper 2/3 vagina with normal ovaries and fallopian tubes. I think if all other physiological functions are normal except development of secondary sexual characters, thorough investigations are required to rule out various probabilities. How about here prakruti and doshic state..? The patient is in Surat...I haven't personally seen her as her wieght is 30kg ..krush may be Vaatt prakruti Give her phytoestrogen food like papaya asperagus etc USG report says Infantile Uterus....other organs are normal....irrespective of small uterus ...treatment Suggested by Dr Sadhana Babel and formulation to improve her endocrine functions with Asanas to improve her pelvic growth....Vikas of Kattii region.... She barely has 6 months in hand Unless we do her bone age study ...and epihysis stage 👍🏻👍🏻 साले कलाकारी की भी हद होती है😜😝😂😂😂😂👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Even Glyzihrra Glabra.. Yastimadhu Yes👍 I will write in d evening I presume we are not permitted to post such fanciful stuff....with due respect to all Take your time ...but will sure await your inputs eagarly yes Mam I have the Earth's only Certified Sustainable/Ethical Kutki, most of the rest of Kutki is illegal and immoral and adharmic and, tell me, if a Vaidya is using Immoral/Adharmic/ which 99% of the Kutki on the Indian Market is, then what does that make the Vaidya? How will that effect the patient? So if there is anyone out there interested in seeing many of Ayurveda's greatest herbs go extinct then please do nothing, else contribute via paypal either directly to me (paypal is prashanti@igc.org) or via the donate button on www.dunagiri.org But of course, most Vaidyas in India would rather get all the herbs on the verge of extinction from the cheap adharmic herbs from that pit of Rakshasha Vaishya greed monsters called Khari Baoli, and I wish I could say that your choice, but you know, it isn't, because you do not have the right to send a precious species on this earth into the oblivion of extinction! Yet you do it! So Please stop using herbs like Kutki, Kuth, Pushkarmool, Jatamansi OR donate to us to help us save them OR start your own NGO and do it yourself, Cultivate these herbs in the High Himalayas like I have done the last 25 years! 👍👍👍🙏💐🌹 Very nice Attempt and much appreciable💐 Yes Harish ji🙏🌹🌼 The whole reason why I started Organic India 25 years ago is that I could not find a single herb company in North India that had quality herbs. I visited everyone and most would keep herbs in gunny sacks in areas open areas and most had obviously been there multiple monsoons and everything you wanted, like fresh green clean herbs were NOT in the gunny sack and everything you DID NOT WANT was in the gunny sack, like rat shit, mold, bird shit, horrible. Yogi herbs in Haridwar was disgusting! I went to Dabur and checked out where they were making chyawanaprash and I saw a whole dumptruck full of horrendously rotten amla and I said, "well that is wasted amla, what a shame" and the person said, "Oh, it is not a waste, we will use it" and I watched with my own eyes several tons of horrible rotten amla go into the hopper! What is it that there is such a loss of even a sense of quality! One of my main herb gurus is Dr Narendra Singh of King George in Lucknow, and he had impeccable sense of quality, and he soooo helped me to start Organic india! And why are Indian Vaidyas so incredible reticent to pay proper prices for the herbs? YOUR CHOICES MATTER! You have power! So I just checked and 50 of you have read this and nobody answers? You chat endlessly about this award and that award, but you do not want to even utter a single peep about stepping up and protecting the Himalayan precious herbs from EXTINCTION! Is this because you do not care? Is this because you are shy? You know, you have my info! I have less than zero interest to be on a list of people who will not readily and fully support the Dharma! I wish you well and also, DO NOT USE ANY KUTKI OR KUTH OR JATAMANSI OR PUSHKARMOOL unless you get it from me OR you have grown it yourself. If you do you only curse yourself! A post at 3pm can not be read and digested its content so immediately. It is very unfortunate Prashanti jagar left with pain. We can not demand any body to respond or react as we expect. Undoubtedly many herbs are contaminated or adultrated. Getting pure herbs is a big task. Most of us are practitioners and depend on pharma rather than preparing medicines individually. Dear admin join back prashanti. To answer it may take time May b busy May b thinking n study Many reason s behind not to post immediately 🙏🏻 Dear Prashanti ...my last post today was at 2.42 pm your post hit the display at 2.57 I quickly read through but wanted to go through it again I also checked the website...as I start my evening practice at 3.30 pm had to get ready and wind up a few chores ....ok don't misinterpret your email is mentioned too ...It's a noble attempt ....we all would be blessed to get genuine herbs as a matter of fact.... the sad part is small practitioners like me have to be at the mercy of what ever the suppliers provide ... what you post is stark truth and I hope I may be able to help you on your vision and mission.💐💐🙏🏻🙏🏻 Agree with you 👍🏼 We cannot tolerate abusive language in any post I want to support Mr Prashanti. He is working for a noble cause. He is preserving the rare species of herbs. He owns Organic India Limited. Many of us may have tasted Tulsi Tea. He made Tulsi Tea popular all over the world. I will request him to join the group. It would be good to invite him again. I guess we need proper introduction of everyone in this group. Though there are silent participants but knowing each other is required to avoid this kind of misunderstandings. To be very honest, I have not even heard Mr Prashanti's name 🙏🏼🙏🏼though I have seen Organic India products in the market. I have visited Dunagiri area recently but didn't notice anything about Organic India. There are Vaidyas who are working genuinely and already searching for quality herbs. We know very well what is happening in the market and we do feel helpless. We have no choice but to depend upon commercial pharma companies. I think Mr Prashanti will help us to throw more light on the current status of herbs in India We need people who may sound a little difficult, but the are gems. Let us make this group a really great group of global minds working for the good of Ayurveda. We may disagree on some opinions, but let us keep working for the common good. 🙏 *they are 👍🏼👍🏼 Would you please send me share your profile as a brief introduction, so we all know what you really mean 🙏 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Coconut Oil - Is it really the mother of several ills or was there a secret lobby working and decrying against the panacea for several life threatening diseases? Forwarding a very educative post recd. Stay blessed and enjoy a healthy and wholesome life. In the United States, an estimated 5.4 million people have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This figure is growing rapidly with the ageing population. One of them was Steve Newport. His wife, Mary Newport, was a doctor. Dr. Mary learned that her husband had severe Alzheimer's disease. When the doctor examined her husband at the hospital, he asked Steve to paint a clock. Instead, he drew a few circles and then drew a few figures without any logic. It was not like a clock at all!. The doctor pulled her aside and said: "Your husband is already on the verge of severe Alzheimer's disease!" It turned out that it was a test of whether a person had Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Mary was very upset at that time, but as a doctor, she would not just give up. She began to study the disease. She found out Alzheimers disease was associated to glucose deficiency to the brain. Her research says: "The dementia of the elderly is like having diabetes in the head ! Before one has the symptoms of Diabetes or Alzheimer's disease, the body has already had problems for 10 to 20 years." According to Dr. Mary's study, Alzheimer's disease is very similar to Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The cause is also insulin imbalance. Because insulin has a problem, it prevents the brain cells from absorbing glucose. Glucose is the nutrition of brain cells. Without glucose, brain cells die. As it turns out, these high-quality proteins are the cells that feed our body. But nutrition for our brain cell is glucose. As long as we have mastered the source of these two kinds of food, we are the masters of our own health! The next question is, where to find glucose? It cannot be the ready-made glucose that we buy from the store. It is not from fruits such as grapes. She started looking for alternatives. The alternative nutrients for brain cells are ketones. Ketones are necessary in brain cells. Ketones cannot be found in vitamins. Coconut oil contains triglicerides. After the triglycerides in coconut oil is consumed, it is metabolised into ketones in the liver. This is the alternative nutrient for brain cells! After this scientific verification, Dr. Mary added coconut oil to her husband's food. After only two weeks, when he went to the hospital again to do painting and clock tests, the progress was amazing. Dr. Mary said: "At that time, I thought, has God heard my prayers? Wouldn't it be coconut oil that worked ? But there is no other way. Anyway, it's better to continue taking the coconut oil." Dr. Mary was now part of the traditional medical practice base. She clearly knew the capabilities of traditional medicine. Three weeks later, the third time she took him to do a smart clock test, the performance was better than the last time. This progress was not only intellectual… Absolutely sir👍🏼 http://parkinsonsand5htp.blogspot.com/2013/10/coconut-oil-for-alzheimers-sad-update.html?m=1 Forwarded as received He left the group Need to brought back Please do it as you are admin Mr Prashanti is a real philanthropist, I am working on bringing him back. 👍🏻 👍 Please have a look on the work....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck9s45hhBLY Fantastic 👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I am supporting Organic India because they are working for the cause https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHeWHcVlrBg 🙏 Why he left is not understandable. We requested all to give a brief introduction. When he is a part of the group, itself mean, he has quality. But unfortunately many of us are unaware. There will be many members who have dedicated to a task for last 20-40 years. How many of us knew? If he left because of my request to provide a introduction, if my words had hurt him, I regret but, Harish ji may I request you to please introduce him to the group Dr Sanjay Ji, we brought Mr Prashanti in ILA because his mission matches with ILA. He has mentioned his mission in his website To create a sustainable platform for the preservation of rare and endangered Himalayan medicinal plants through an integrated model of education, cultivation and distribution. We shall bring him in. Tomorrow I shall add his number after talking to him. Today his phone goes on voicemail. Great people are always assets. Many people are working for Ayurveda outside India. Prashanti is one of them. His brief introduction is at http://www.ayurvedacollege.com/Ayurveda/prashanti-de-jager-ms-emt 👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Please have a look on Prashanti's work - Original Pics of Ayurvedic herbs grown in Himalayas: http://www.dunagiri.org/herbal-database I am going to add another member, Acharya Shunya. She is the founder of Vedika Global Foundation, USA and is author of the bestselling book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom (Sounds True, 2017), highlighting the Vedic path of mind, body, soul health and healing, which has been licensed to be translated and printed in five different languages and countries. Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom has received critical acclaim in Publisher’s Weekly, and has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR), WBN-TV, TV Asia, leading podcasts like Insights on the Edge by Tami Simon, and over 60 more media outlets, including Bustle, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, and Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington. Let us welcome Acharya Shunya https://www.vedikaglobal.org/about-vedika-global Brief introduction of Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slqtMkGWrbk 👍🏻💐💐💐 Wonderful 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Most Welcome Prashanti ji and Shunya Pratichi Mathur 💐💐 👆I have taken this picture from book of our respected member Prof. Prasad KSR. I shall request Dr Prasad to share some knowledge and practical experiences about Uttrabasti. 🙏 Sure sir Dr Prasad Sir, Why we have not modernize Uttrabasti Techniques. I was going through one article that Uttrabasti of Phalaghrit is effective in Female Infertility. If our members can share some positive and negative experiences with Phalaghrita Uttrabasti that will be appreciated. I wll post the article.👇 Let us modernize Ayurvedic Techniques. I am posting a motivational Video, please listen this gentleman 👇 After him, I will post a video of HSG. This will give a concept of how to modernize Uttrabasti Technique. -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE1Tt4UOprw When infertility is cured there should be pregnency. The article went on beating around the bush and the title and content doesn't match. Prof. Prasad Ji, your observation is correct. I have seen your presentation on net. Before I ask any question I would like to share the presentation with our other members. https://www.slideshare.net/technoayurveda/pourusha-vasti-ksr Dr Prasad Sir, a few months back some Ayurvedic doctor in Toronto area given Uterine Uttarabasti to a patient. That lady got some complications and finally she was admitted in the hospital. This news has not gone to main media otherwise it could have damaged the image of Ayurveda. Now my question is what are the precautions one should take before and during the Uterine Uttrabasti procedure? What could be the complications of this procedure ? How to treat those complications ? Why don't we use modern technologies to put medicines (Oil or Gharit) on the same way allopathic doctors are doing IUI. Please have a look at following video 👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykUc4qE_VFw For any uttaravasti selection of medicine and process of sterilization is most important. The next is non injuring inceritional techniques of uttaravasti. Oh! This is very serious issue. Let us discuss this issue and I request all Gynae experts to share their experience. Let me clarify, we shall discuss to improve the Technique. Please do not mind if I ask some candid questions. Do all Ayurvedic doctors sterilize Oil or Ghrit before inserting into uterus? What method they use to sterilize Oil or Ghrit in their clinic or center. What precaution they take to avoid injury ? What should be the quantity of material to be inserted and at what speed (slow, fast or medium). If patient feel giddiness after the procedure then what should be done? We will save the answer of these questions on net for the future generation of Ayurvedic practitioners and they will learn from the experience of our experts. v.Imp.For Utterbasti. Sterilization aspect has to be of utmost importance... question pertaing are mandatory Prof KSR in this Technoayurved Uttarbasti format....under Ayurvedic Examination against Prakruti ...it's only mentioned 3 options should there be 7 options...was just going through the format Predominance of dosha is the only consideration while clinic's... to determine and search for dwandwa doshahara medicines is a big task ... in the book only practical possibilities are incorporated ... we read many combinations in theory but it narrows while practicing 👍🏻👍🏻thanx Dr Shanti, is there any brand of Sterilized Ayurvedic Oil Or Ghrit available in the market ? Or all Ayurvedic doctors do Sterilization of Oils & Ghrits at their own. All grit and oils are auto sterilised if prepared in classical manner .If someone wants specially sterlised , pack them in sterilised containers immediately after filtration as last step of mfg. In preparation of sneha pak kalpana it is automatically sterilized. Still if we want to re sterilize it should be passively sterlized means by keeping required quantity of oil in hot water 👌👌🙏💐💐💐💐👍. But sir my question is Is there any brand of *Sterilized Ayurvedic Oil Or Ghrit available in the market ?* Here i differ At the time of preparation sterilization is observed but the storage makes contaminated or moisture in medicine. This moisture is removed with patrapaka and sterilization reinduced Not agreeable. Just by keeping oil in Hot Water in not enough? Sorry Dr Sharma Ji has suggested pack them in sterilized containers immediately after filtration as last step of mfg. I think this is the best way. All manufacturing process should be done in controlled sterilized or Air Controlled conditions with all Hepafilters. I am surprised no research work has been done in this direction. CCRAS should work on this project. ✅✅ If we heat directly oil after complete preparation ,it becomes khar pak n also it destroys some volatile contents present in oil . We can opt for sterilized container after final preparation. Re heat is not acceptable Even than the content gets small % of moisture Yes Heating vessel to 100 degrees and pouring oil and cooled instantly is the only way. No olatile oils are used for uttaravasti ✅ It is interesting to note that no references from samhitas or commentators are available upon the need of sterilisation... neither for basti or tarpana... however heating directly of ghee or oil on fire is contraindicated. We started our discussion with Should we use Sterilized Oil or Ghrit for Uttarabasti? Please always remember Acharya Charka has advised continued education and research and development. I believe all member are agreeing that for Uttarabasti Oil & Ghrit should be sterilized. We can discuss if there is any doubt. I am not against advancement in education or research. The fact to note is are we missing anything in grasping or understanding the concept of uttarabasti from classics. As the classics have detailed indication and contraindications of the procedure and the instruments, do our acharyas deliberately missed the concept of sterilisation? I think there is no harm in using Antimicrobial preservatives to prevent or inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, which could present risk of infection or degradation of medicinal properties of oils or ghrit. The concept of sterilization is generalized but deliberately miss ... punarukti is avoided In spite of tight container and non usage of any microbial inhibiters still the external environment and storage effect will be there on oil or ghee I am reviewing an article on systematic review of uttarabasti. The researchers have claimed that the procedural description of uttarabasti in classics is specific to male and not to females. Only indications and contraindications in female disorders are mentioned... so I am doing a literally search now.. the findings I will post.. Even at home the practice heating edible ghee adding tamalapatra is for the sake of fortifying and preserving the medicine Concept of sterilization is mentioned by acharyas but in diff way Charak suddhisthan Yavagu sghrut......tailoushnonen manva 👆🏻 There are many natural preservative available, which can be used in a scientific method for preservation of Oils & Ghrit. Dravyaguna and Bheshajya Kalpna experts can contribute here. Every brand is sterilised, if u require something special for your satisfaction let me know N it is applicable to all types of TT like anuvasan basti nasya Sir , In my opinion, ghrut has a natural antimicrobial property. We can use even plain ghrut as an antimicrobial in various wounds. Similarly oil do have the same property. These snehas losses this antimicrobial property only when they are contaminated. The contimitent may some foreign organic matter, some chemicals or even moisture. One more reason, after the end of saviryta avadhi snehas losses this antimicrobial property. When snehas loose antimicrobial property they are attacked by opportunistic microbes,. Most common are fungi. Then the snehas becomes rancid and cause trouble even when applied in external wound. To avoid this we can ....... 1) Store the snehas in contamination free sterilized containers. 2) Snehas should not be stored in plastic containers. I will not advice even food grade plastic. 3) Airtight glass containers should be used. 4) Post storage contamination should be avoided. 5) Rancidity Test of snehas should be done periodically, (Once in six months). 5) Better to use fresh snehas. By profession, I am not a clinician. But being Aushdhi Nirmata, I can say these precautions will keep the snehas harmless and effective. I could not understand, I do not require anything for my satisfaction. We are just discussing the methods of sterilizing Oils and Ghrit to be used for Uttarabasti. 🙏 Always check the smell of snehas before use. If it is unpleasant then must be avoided for therapeutic purpose. 🙏🙏🙏 A conversation with one aspering doctor from delhi ... [04/07, 7:46 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: Sir i wanted to ask about mantha Page 49 How santarpana manth & saktu mantha are made? What should be ingredients && time of taking them? [04/07, 7:56 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: Saktu is powder of puffed rice added with quantity sufficient sugar added to chilled water to make saktu mantha of medium consistency [04/07, 7:57 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: For santarpana mantha you can take the all or few herbs that are santarpana added with sugar [04/07, 8:06 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: Shall we give it hot? [04/07, 8:07 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: Why cold sir? [04/07, 8:07 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: Which herbs are taken for santarpana? [04/07, 8:13 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: All jeevaneeya herbs or herbs used for phanta can be taken [04/07, 8:14 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: Mantha is meant for relief of fatigue thus it is given as cold drink [04/07, 8:14 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: No hot drinks are santarpana [04/07, 9:09 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: Sir can we replace Jeevan gan herbs with chavanprash? Availability issues [04/07, 9:36 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: The drug selection should go always related to dosha and sadya santarpana like madhuravarga jeevaneeya shramahara dravya [04/07, 9:36 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: Chavanprasha isvamlavarga rasayana [04/07, 9:37 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: Amlavarga [04/07, 10:44 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: Like if we have to vatpit shaman than we should use maashparni and madhuyasti mantha? [05/07, 7:06 a.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: The purpose of mantha is to provide instant strength and removal of fatigue induced by panchakarma [05/07, 7:07 a.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: We can take kharjura draksha aswagandha shatavari brahmi etc [05/07, 6:03 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: I wanted to ask In sanehapan, how much sunthi churan is to be added in how much water, is it to boiled and strained? Secondly in deepan pachan a day before sanehapan which is good to be given, chitrakadi vati 2 tab, or agnitundi vati2 tab or trikatu churn 5 gm or something else Page 73 [05/07, 6:24 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: Sunthi is strained Any agni vardhaka vati choosen according to patient [05/07, 6:36 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: How much sunthi is to be added in 1 litre of water while boiling? [05/07, 6:43 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: 1 tsf [05/07, 7:33 p.m.] Sonia Sharma Delhi: What is the impact of dosha predominance at times of snehpaan? [05/07, 7:36 p.m.] Technoayurveda KSRPrasad: Snehapana is meant for dosha utklesha and vishyandana Pleaent is individual perception Ayurved also describe the utilities of nicely stored puran ghrut ,kumbha sarpi for oral use etc No need of sterilization for external and also for oral Your query is justified , in houses also , no fungus can grow on ghee or tail . But it can grow on the inner wall of container . To prevent that also the container must be sterilised. Whether we r using oil for the purpose of anuvasana nasya or uttarbasti it should be koshna as mentioned by charak n shushrut .in another menas it is for sterilization Please go through my previous post.

WhatsApp Discussion Series 3 (Yoga Benefits & Containdications)

21/06/18, 8:52:17 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr S G Prasanna is B.A.M.S MD(Ayu), P.h.D specialized in Panchakarma subject. Worked as Ayurveda teacher in Russia, UK and France. Now Dean of Ayurveda and settled in India.
[21/06/18, 9:20:57 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: *Truth must be stated now*

*For sure, no practice will be called yoga without observing yama and niyama fully. Do not befool yourself.*

Warmest regards,
Deep Pandey
[21/06/18, 9:24:15 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: 👆🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💐💐🙏🏻🙏🏻Very True
[21/06/18, 9:30:31 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: 🙏💐🙏
[21/06/18, 9:31:25 PM] +91 77488 03729‬: True Sir
[21/06/18, 9:34:30 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: 🙏💐🙏
[21/06/18, 9:41:53 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Rightly said 🙏💐🙏
Interestingly all TV yogis talk about Rishi Patanjali but never talk about Yama. They know they are not practising 5th Yama prescribed by Rishi Patanjali:
*Aparigrah (Non accumulation of wealth)* Happy Yoga Day !!!!
[21/06/18, 9:43:55 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: 🙏💐🙏
[21/06/18, 9:44:10 PM] ‎You changed the group description
[21/06/18, 9:44:36 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: *TV Yogis* 🤣🤣🤣👌🌹
[21/06/18, 9:51:53 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Yoga is only the only Industry, which is making profit in India.
Rest all industries are at loss.
Interestingly no investment is required in plant & machinery, land or building.
Only good *Orators* are required to run Yoga Industry.
Happy Yoga Day !!!
[21/06/18, 10:06:32 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: 🤣🤣🤣💐🙏
[21/06/18, 10:23:43 PM] Dr.R.Shylaja Kumari: 👌👌🙏💐
[21/06/18, 10:29:27 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: *Yoga bereft of yama and niyama is the greatest _pakhand_ of contemporary times.*
[21/06/18, 10:30:32 PM] Dr.R.Shylaja Kumari: All ashtangas are not practicing
[21/06/18, 10:31:41 PM] Dr.R.Shylaja Kumari: Only concern for asanas and meditation by All and widely practiced now a days
[21/06/18, 10:33:49 PM] Dr.R.Shylaja Kumari: If we cultivate to bring into practice all the ashtangas of Yoga, tremendous results are in front!
[21/06/18, 10:41:14 PM] +91 88883 34346‬: Good Morning
[21/06/18, 10:42:56 PM] +91 88883 34346‬: Please post the brochure, so that I can ask my PG Scholars to participate.
[21/06/18, 10:49:26 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Pandey Ji, let us discuss “Effect of Yoga on health”. Please post some scientific papers on this subject.
As you are, one of objective of Intl Ayurveda League is to preserve Ayurveda literature. I will put it in blog.
On some free day I will do editing of all the previous posts.
We have some compilation on Bhasmas also.
Let us discuss Yoga.
[21/06/18, 10:53:51 PM] Dr Gaytri: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/29685823/?i=15&from=yoga%20benefits
[21/06/18, 10:56:46 PM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: I quote very often:If Yogic practices of Yama and Niyama are practiced sincerely it will bring spiritual reforms and hence social reforms in the society.
[21/06/18, 10:57:41 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: 👌👌🌹💐🙏
Absolutely well said! Completely agree.
[21/06/18, 10:58:20 PM] +91 98500 09051‬: 🙏🙏🙏🙏
[21/06/18, 10:58:47 PM] +91 98500 09051‬: ✅
[21/06/18, 10:59:22 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: Very logical statement. Very useful as well.
[21/06/18, 10:59:33 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: 🙏💐🙏
[21/06/18, 11:00:14 PM] Dr Harish Verma: I think if we can only follow one Yama out of five, we can see the difference. But sincerely.
[21/06/18, 11:03:47 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Gaytri Ji, I read the abstract of this article.
Please read following lines :
The present study aims to systematically evaluate the literature and perform a meta-analysis on the effects of yoga practice compared to physical exercise in the management of T2DM.
*Which Yogic practices ?*
[21/06/18, 11:07:04 PM] ‎You added Dr Girish K J
[21/06/18, 11:07:41 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: kindly visit www.ayurworld.org the abstract submission date is 30th June
[21/06/18, 11:07:53 PM] Dr Gaytri: Here they mean the classical postures which work well in diabetes
Ardhamatsyendra asana
[21/06/18, 11:08:55 PM] Dr Gaytri: These postures actually stimulate pancreas if done on a regular basis
[21/06/18, 11:09:04 PM] Dr Gaytri: Kapalbhati to b added
[21/06/18, 11:12:48 PM] Dr Gaytri: https://www.elsevier.com/connect/the-science-of-yoga-what-new-research-reveals
‎[21/06/18, 11:13:09 PM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: office yoga for stress release • ‎16 pages ‎
[21/06/18, 11:15:59 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: That actually translates to good exercise.

Indeed, the research that’s happening around the world on Yoga is actually the research on those components of Yoga that make us exert–asanas, Pranayama, and closing the eyes to think as if we are directly going to get instant mōksha
[21/06/18, 11:16:07 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: Without yum niyam yoga r only physical exercises.

Not going in next pranayam pratyahar dharna n samadhi

Without yum niyum how one can achieve definition yogstuchittavruttinirodhha …..
[21/06/18, 11:16:32 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: 👌👌👍
[21/06/18, 11:18:02 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: Yum niyum itself part of aachar rasayan

If we follow definitely prevents pradnyaparadh n in certain limit. Asatmendriyarth sanyog ..
[21/06/18, 11:18:20 PM] Dr Harish Verma: 👌👌💐
[21/06/18, 11:19:04 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: I have presented a paper on achar rasayan as vikar anutpattikar chikitsa
[21/06/18, 11:19:08 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: Good office exercise
[21/06/18, 11:19:25 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: 👌🏻👍🏻
[21/06/18, 11:19:29 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: Kindly do share
[21/06/18, 11:20:06 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: Yess
[21/06/18, 11:22:12 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: 5 Yama 5 Niyam are to be practised daily and it’s not difficult it’s a way of life …5 Yama Ahimsa Satya Asteya brahmacharya Aprigraha 5 Niyam Sauch Santosh Tapp Swadhaye and Ishwar pranidhan are to be inculcated in daily
[21/06/18, 11:22:36 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Great 💐💐💐
That means Ayurveda is elder than Yoga.
Rishi Patanjali may have done further research on *Aachar Rasayana*
[21/06/18, 11:23:32 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: There r yoga classes in many residential society

When ladies going for this .U can observe. They r gossiping about fees. Comparison of children sasuma. N like this 😅
[21/06/18, 11:24:23 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: We have to study on this
[21/06/18, 11:24:24 PM] Dr Harish Verma: How about if we combine Ayurveda & Yoga for Diabetics?
[21/06/18, 11:24:32 PM] Dr Deep Pandey: Although it is likely that if the paper has been published in a journal it should be in my database.

Incidentally, just wanted to say that I have maintained a database of all the published research from all the peer-reviewed journals, for the last close to 30 years. The keywords are yoga and Ayurveda, and also each medicinal plant being used in Ayurveda.

The number of Total research papers in the database now runs beyond 5,00,000.
[21/06/18, 11:25:12 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: One has to maintain maturity …. never do ninda of anybody …it is their karma leave them alone…🙏🏻🙏🏻
[21/06/18, 11:26:03 PM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Ayurveda means art of being.And yoga is one part of prescription. So definitely it is part of yoga but gained more momentum in west faster than Ayurveda because FDA could not control its spread.😊😊
[21/06/18, 11:27:09 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: If yoga can do by following yum niyum n aasan definitely useful

Bcoz pt controls his dharniya veg like irshya krodh bhay etc

So adhyashan hetu automatically subsides
[21/06/18, 11:27:12 PM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Ayurveda itself is a complete physiopsychospiritual phenomenon of life
[21/06/18, 11:27:33 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: Keep a topic and let’s discuss….How many practice Surya Namaskar
[21/06/18, 11:27:41 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: 👆🏻👍🏻
[21/06/18, 11:28:02 PM] +91 95032 27966‬: It is a great idea of combining all systems for best results
Indeed no system accepts other with ego and ultimately soils the floor
We need to be careful while mixing two or more systems as the therapies should not contradict one another
[21/06/18, 11:29:30 PM] Dr Harish Verma: One small study is already done 👇
[21/06/18, 11:29:36 PM] Dr Harish Verma: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28957795
[21/06/18, 11:35:08 PM] ‎You added Dr Gangadharan
[21/06/18, 11:45:24 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Is yoga older than Ayurveda?
Is yoga references available in Vedas?
‎[21/06/18, 11:50:45 PM] +91 77488 03729‬: Yoga E book 2016 • ‎120 pages ‎
[21/06/18, 11:53:37 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Genius 💐💐💐🙏
[21/06/18, 11:54:53 PM] +91 77488 03729‬: Thanks
[21/06/18, 11:58:52 PM] +91 94223 35937‬: I think available in veda
[22/06/18, 12:15:25 AM] ‎You added Dr Rajesh Sanad
[22/06/18, 12:18:14 AM] Dr Rajesh Sanad: Great going. इस ग्रुप में सबका अभिनंदन. 🙏🙏
[22/06/18, 12:20:38 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Is there any scientific study about contraindications of certain Yogic postures ?
[22/06/18, 12:24:58 AM] +91 98197 83426‬: Daily m practice 10 slow suryanamaskar set .
[22/06/18, 12:25:00 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 🙏💐💐🌹
We have members from many countries. Please post your brief introduction and also a few words about your past research project.
[22/06/18, 12:27:54 AM] +91 93249 74543‬: Super same here Ma’am 👍🏻👍🏻
[22/06/18, 12:29:10 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Regarding contraindication index for Yoga Asnas I found 👇
[22/06/18, 12:29:30 AM] Dr Harish Verma: http://www.preventyogainjury.com/uploads/9/3/2/8/9328321/tcifya_ebook_sample.pdf
[22/06/18, 12:45:25 AM] Dr Harish Verma: One study indicates : Suryanamaska was effective in improving body flexibility 👇
[22/06/18, 12:45:47 AM] Dr Harish Verma: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25558131
[22/06/18, 12:47:11 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Tomorrow we will discuss Ayurveda 🙏
[22/06/18, 12:49:23 AM] Dr Rajesh Sanad: I am Dr Rajesh Sannd, MD Shalya from IPGT&RA, Jamnagar 1990-93 batch. Presently working in CCRAS, Min of AYUSH, at Headquarters, New Delhi. I am in this organization since 1999.
[22/06/18, 1:00:57 AM] +91 93249 74543‬: Not only Sure Namaskar but all Asanas improve ones strechbilityand flexibility qualifying them for higher level of Yogic arenas ….After their mind and body are conditioned one qualifies for Surya Namaskar…. which enhances you physically intellectually and spiritually. 🙏🏻🙏🏻💐💐
[22/06/18, 1:02:11 AM] +91 93249 74543‬: Yogic Asanas not arenas please . it’s auto correction please
[22/06/18, 1:12:52 AM] Dr Deep Pandey: Now travelling. Will search the database once back to headquarters.
[22/06/18, 1:14:43 AM] Dr Deep Pandey: Surya Namaskaar should also be accompanied by yama niyama. Otherwise, as this cited paper suggests, it is just a vyayama.
[22/06/18, 1:15:59 AM] Dr Deep Pandey: Suryanamaskar: An equivalent approach towards *management of physical fitness* in obese females.
[22/06/18, 7:16:54 AM] ‎You added Dr Shalini Malaysia
[22/06/18, 7:24:41 AM] ‎You added Prof. Gayathri Bhat
[22/06/18, 8:14:39 AM] ‎You added Dr Diwakar Joshi
[22/06/18, 11:13:32 AM] Alice Leon: My name is Alice Leon.I am a ayurvedic practitioner. Right now, I am specialized on Abhyanga. Studying other panchakarma treatments, pulse technique, Diet. I live in Vancouver,BC. Canada. Thank you for let me join this group. My interest is assessment using the pulse in TCM, western and ayurvedic. I believe integration of modalities in benefit of the patient.🧘🏻♀☀🌳🍁
[22/06/18, 11:13:33 AM] Alice Leon: During my yoga teacher training in Canada. There are restrictions with yoga poses if the instructor is new or the students are just starting. Teachers are insured. No head standing, shoulder standing. Even, reverse poses when meses are happening. This is in BC, Canada where yoga is well-known. Asthanga yoga teachers are different and hot yoga.
[22/06/18, 11:34:37 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Hi Leon,
You will be glad to know that one of our member, Dr Sanjay Chhajed, is a world authority on Ayurveda Pulse Diagnosis.
You can ask him any question in this group.
[22/06/18, 11:52:49 AM] Alice Leon: Dear Dr.Sanjay Chhajed, could you recommend an infographic, or graphic where each level of pulse diagnosis is explained. I see there are variants depend of the Dr lineage.I am focusing on in a common ground and the most accurate. Thank you.🤲🏼
[22/06/18, 12:04:27 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Hi Leon, I am not authority to but I am teaching pulse diagnosis for last 25+years. All the five levels will provide you a different set of information. Putting it together will help anyone to make solve the jigsaw puzzle called diagnosis.
I would post, how to locate and analyze pulse tomorrow morning
[22/06/18, 12:08:58 PM] Dr Rajesh Sanad: Will be a boon to all group members. 👌👏👏
[22/06/18, 12:17:32 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Harish sir, Akhileshji is an authority, who has developed the skills and is associated with IIT Delhi, as I am with IIT Mumbai for the development of the machine for pulse diagnosis
[22/06/18, 12:18:29 PM] Dr.R.Shylaja Kumari: 👍👍👍🙏💐
[22/06/18, 12:33:03 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Rajesh Ji,
I have a question for you. A few days ago I watched on TV and Net that W H O has classified a new disease *Gaming Disorder*
As CCRAS is the apex body of Ayurveda Research in our country, is there any provision in ccras to classify new diseases on the basis of Ayurvedic principles?
A few days back we had a discussion on Hypothyroidism. There was good brain storming.
I have posted the discussion on website
I will do some editing whenever I shall be free. It may be a useful information for all future researchers and practitioners of Ayurveda all over the world.
Do you have any authentic list of comparison or co-relation of Modern Diseases & Ayurvedic Terminology.
E.g. With what disease we can co-relate Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ?
[22/06/18, 12:37:34 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Gaming disorder though recently been classified by who but is an age old phenomenon right from the age of mahabharat. Shakuni and Yudhishtir were well known for the obsession for gambling. Who has classified for addiction to mobile games. Both are identical
[22/06/18, 12:38:05 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Please ask Dr Akhilesh Ji of I IT Delhi, if he can contribute in our group.
Is he a member of IAL ?
[22/06/18, 12:39:00 PM] Dr Harish Verma: 👌👌💐💐🙏
[22/06/18, 12:44:19 PM] Alice Leon: I will check Dr Garbor mate from Vancouver who redefine addiction ….Addiction is manifested in any behavior that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and yet has difficulty giving up. In brief: craving, relief, pleasure, suffering, impaired control. Note that this definition is not restricted to drugs but could encompass almost any human behavior, from sex to eating to shopping to gambling to extreme sports to TV to compulsive internet use: the list is endless.
[22/06/18, 12:44:26 PM] Alice Leon: https://drgabormate.com/opioids-universal-experience-addiction/
[22/06/18, 12:48:07 PM] Dr Harish Verma: But classifying the disease officially is a serious matter. Indian govt, parliament committees, MOHFW, ICMR, cdsco, ayush, ccras, W H O etc etc are to involved.
We should work on co-relation of modern diseases with nearest possible Ayurvedic Term. That will help a lot in modernising Ayurveda.
[22/06/18, 12:51:20 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Brilliant 💐💐🙏
[22/06/18, 12:58:58 PM] +91 99821 91814‬: It is already done by CCRAS
[22/06/18, 12:58:57 PM] Dr Harish Verma: In Ayurveda texts for such disorders, a very powerful remedy has been recommended called * *Achar Rasayana*(Behavioral Therapy).
[22/06/18, 1:00:52 PM] Dr Harish Verma: I request Kayachikitsa Experts to put some light on *Achar Rasayana*.
[22/06/18, 1:02:06 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Sir, can you post link or any reference ?
[22/06/18, 1:02:07 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: Dear Alice glad to read your details….if the students are just starting any form of exercise or Yog Asana it is always mandatory to do their Physical Fitness Evaluation , Flexibility test Strechibility and musculoskeletal endurance, cardiovascular endurance…it becomes very easy for the teacher to plan programs for that individual….I am a Bariatric And Ayurvedic Physician . And You therapist …
[22/06/18, 1:03:15 PM] +91 99821 91814‬: Dr Sannd please provide the link to classification of diseases
[22/06/18, 1:08:03 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: He is Ayurvedic physician at Moolchand hospital New Delhi and is associated with IIT Delhi team. I will send a request to him to join ial
‎[22/06/18, 1:16:24 PM] +91 95032 27966‬: Pulse diagnosis_poster • ‎1 page ‎
[22/06/18, 1:16:40 PM] Alice Leon: Dear Alice glad to read your details….if the students are just starting any form of exercise or Yog Asana it is always mandatory to do their Physical Fitness Evaluation , Flexibility test Strechibility and musculoskeletal endurance, cardiovascular endurance…it becomes very easy for the teacher to plan programs for that individual….I am a Bariatric And Ayurvedic Physician . And You therapist …
[22/06/18, 1:17:48 PM] Alice Leon: I do not understand what do you mean by last 3 sentences, explain please.🙋🏻♀
[22/06/18, 1:19:45 PM] +91 95032 27966‬: @16044012441
Tomorrow i will post my writeup on pulse diagnosis
[22/06/18, 1:22:06 PM] Alice Leon: Thank you so much. I know some people are working in automatized pulse diagnosis using sensors…if you have any info on this…I would appreciate.👏🏼
[22/06/18, 1:22:48 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: Alice Bariatric is Obesity Consultant Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yog Therapist ….not you therapist please …auto correction ..🙏🏻
I prefer saying Yog than Yoga as the original word is YOG…but I believe globally better understanding is Yoga
[22/06/18, 1:25:22 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: I totally agree with you regarding Head and Shoulder Stand…even here in India we need to be very careful …. we need to take medical history of the client
[22/06/18, 1:26:50 PM] +91 95032 27966‬: Yes
As on today there are at least 150 prototypes for pulse diagnosis using the sensors .. as per my understanding the pulse analysis incorporated after reading the pulse with artificial intelegence oncorporated chipset .. probably it takes much time to recall the originality of pulse diagnosis
[22/06/18, 1:29:52 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: Thanx for sharing Dr KRSP
[22/06/18, 1:31:47 PM] +91 95032 27966‬: 🙏thanks are prohibited in the group … we are sharing out knowledge with like minded … comment or discuss the pro and canta of the concept for validation unbiased for the betterment of ayurveda🙏
[22/06/18, 1:35:21 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: No wishes, no Thanksgiving, no misunderstanding, and no sorry. These are the fundamentals accepted by our members
[22/06/18, 1:35:45 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Keep informing
[22/06/18, 1:41:07 PM] +91 95032 27966‬: ☺should appreciate the worthy
[22/06/18, 1:52:31 PM] Dr Srihari S: Dr. Verma. While describing the cause of diseases, Ayurveda has described Pragynaparadha and Asatmendriya Artha Samyoga as the variety of cause. These gaming addictions easily fits in these categories… so I don’t think there is a new need of classification of disease.
[22/06/18, 1:53:06 PM] Dr Gaytri: https://vedapulse.com/a-practical-example-of-the-vedapulse-assessment-s-analysis-from-the-perspective-of-ayurveda
[22/06/18, 1:54:05 PM] Dr Gaytri: This is another one using HRV algorithms to diagnose imbalance in doshas
[22/06/18, 2:39:25 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Yes I agree, for gaming disorder to be diagnosed, the behaviour pattern must be of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning.
It is spreading among kids like an epidemic.
Achara Rasayana mentioned in Ayurveda is the Remedy.
Achara Rasayana may act as a Rasayana in three dimensions: In improving the personality 2. In improving the social relationship 3.In improving the physical health Achara rasayana enhances the psycho-neuro- immunity. Achararasayana helps the individual in understanding the society and to know the role of an individual in society.
W H O should look into it.
[22/06/18, 2:53:58 PM] Dr Rajesh Sanad: I presume kids follow adults. Whatever adults do like suffering from gaming disorder, children follow the same and start neglecting people around.
It is the duty of parents to discipline them, inculcate morel values in them by setting examples.
[22/06/18, 3:25:56 PM] Dr Harish Verma: 👌💐💐👍
This is what Sattvavajaya, written in Charaka Samhita.
Sattvavajaya is the mental restraint, or a “mind control” as referred by Charaka.
[22/06/18, 3:28:55 PM] ‎You added Dr Sajitha
[22/06/18, 3:50:40 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Westerners can understand Sattvavajaya from 👇article:
[22/06/18, 3:50:48 PM] Dr Harish Verma: http://ujconline.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/4-UJAHM-1317-Rv.pdf
[22/06/18, 5:15:52 PM] ‎You added Prof. S Sarangapani

WhatsApp Discussion Series 2 (Tamra Bhasmas & Nano Metals)

Vd Dilip S. Wadodkar
🌹Professor and Head of Dept.
Rasashastra and Bhaishjya Kalpana, at Govt Ayurved College Osmanabad, Maharashtra.
🌹I am graduate from Govt Ayurved College, Nagpur and completed PG from IPGT&R, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar in 1988
🌹Tamra Bhasma is my speciality.
🌹I have carried out various studies regarding
▶️ Manufacturing aspects
▶️ Pharmaceutical and Analytical Aspects
▶️ Safety and toxicity and also some
▶️ Clinical Studies
On Tamra Bhasma

🌹Carried out various scienrific projects on heavy metals.

To propagate scientific approach of Rasaushdhis, Nationally and Internationally is my motto
I am thankful to my dear friend Dr Sanjay for introducing me to such a galaxy of learned vaidyas.
My sincere Namaskar to Dr M S Bag hel sir, who was my teacher at Jamnagar🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
[20/06/18, 3:10:55 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 💐💐🙏
[20/06/18, 3:11:28 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: Thanks🙏
[20/06/18, 3:12:36 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Is there role of Tamra Bhasma in Hypothyroidism ?
[20/06/18, 3:16:46 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: I am not aware of any specific study.
However Tamra Bhasma has definite role in Obesity.
[20/06/18, 3:21:35 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 🙏
[20/06/18, 3:23:44 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Are nano particles of copper more effective than Tamar Bhasma ?
[20/06/18, 4:06:02 AM] +91 93249 74543‬: would like to know more about it
[20/06/18, 4:21:35 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Dr. Sane has done a great work by spreading awareness about Ayurvedic treatment in heart disease and now working on diabetes. He has a is modern medical graduate but with affection and knowledge of Ayurveda
[20/06/18, 4:23:53 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: If everyone agrees he can, I personally support the inclusion suggested by psr sir
[20/06/18, 4:26:05 AM] +91 93249 74543‬: Absolutely right …🙏🏻🙏🏻
[20/06/18, 5:44:33 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: I personally know him.
Very gentle man. May be included in our group. His experiences can be helpful to all of us.
[20/06/18, 6:04:39 AM] +91 96877 92882‬: OA01. 01. A randomized double blind clinical study of Ashwagandha on generalised anxiety disorder.

Khyati S Sud, Anup B Thaker
All 2 versions
Copper in Medicine: Perspectives and Toxicity

Avinash P Ingle, Priti Paralikar, Sudhir Shende, Indarchand Gupta, Jayanta Kumar Biswas, Luiza Helena da Silva Martins, Mahendra Rai
Biomedical Applications of Metals, 95-112, 2018
Copper is one of the most important microelements required by all kind of life forms including human beings for their proper growth, development, and survival. Copper plays an important role in various body functions and regulation of different pathways. Hence, it has been used since pre-Vedic time as potential medicine to cure a number of diseases. Although, copper has significant medicinal value, the maintenance of adequate copper levels in the body is of vital importance because the lack or excess amount of such essential trace elements are known to cause a variety of health problems. The failure in the regulation of copper metabolism is mainly responsible for deficiency and accumulation of copper in different parts of the body. Generally, deficiency of copper leads to several copper deficiency syndromes including Menkes’ disease. Similarly, high level of copper due to accumulation results in many diseases like Wilson’s diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Considering the key role of copper in human health, the present chapter has been focused on such related aspects, which include uptake and metabolism of copper, and its dietary recommendations. In addition, various disorders caused due to deficiency and excess amount of copper
[20/06/18, 6:16:40 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: Sir!
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my views.
🌹 In my opinion copper nano particles and tamra bhasma are separate entities.
🌹Tamra Bhasma is prepared after several samskaras.
🌹Tamra Bhasma is not merely a copper dust or mist.
🌹Actually bhasmikaran means total transformation of metal.
🌹If we get free copper particles in the product then it can not be called as bhasma.
🌹 How ever the bhasma prepared in our dept, when subjected to scanning electron microscopy, showed nano sized particles of bhasma.
🌹The bhasma contain ample quantity of particles ranging from 58nm to 90nm which falls under the category of nano medicine.
🌹As we go on increasing putas, the quantity of nano particles increases.
[20/06/18, 6:49:05 AM] +91 98502 19294‬: Namaskar

We use Tamra in a different way.
We use *Tamrakumari*…

Means a shodhit tamra wire is interested in root of small plant of Aloe Vera.
when it got flowers then we take that plant and use in all conditions where we want to use Tamra.
As Tamra had 8 types poisonous effects on human .. we use Tamrakumari…
we use in different forms .. Swaras.. Churna.. Aasav etc .
It has got excellent result …
In Nanal parampara… they use Swarna Vacha
Tamra Kumari
etc ..from many years .. By this method we are avoiding the bad effects of Tamra…
[20/06/18, 6:50:48 AM] +91 95032 27966‬: Fantastic
Csn you offer a classical ref for it
[20/06/18, 6:52:13 AM] +91 98502 19294‬: It is in Nanal parampara.
[20/06/18, 6:53:57 AM] +91 98502 19294‬: when we cut the root zone of plant there is no wire at all ..
each and every copper particle is digested by plant.
[20/06/18, 6:55:06 AM] +91 95032 27966‬: Wow
[20/06/18, 8:10:14 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: http://www.jetset.com.co/edicion-impresa/temas-revista-jetset/articulo/medico-del-cuerpo-del-alma/54376
[20/06/18, 8:17:23 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Akhilesh Ji, I could not understand the language of articles, which you have posted. It seems that you have done a great work for Ayurveda in South America. Please post the english translation of this article.
[20/06/18, 8:20:31 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Great contribution.
[20/06/18, 8:28:11 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Sir, this is very informative. But I have a question:
In last lines of this post you mentioned;
*As we go on increasing putas, the quantity of nano particles increases.*
Does this principle apply in preparation of all Bhasma including Lauh, Rajat, Swarna Bhasma etc?
[20/06/18, 8:34:37 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: 👍👍👍💐💐💐
It is true. Copper wire is totally absorbed by kumari.
Tamrakumari is a unique spciality of Ayurveda.

This process enhances the liver stimulating properties of kumari.

▶️ It is true that Tamra Kumari is very safe as compared to Tamra Bhasma.

▶️ However it can not replace Tamra Bhasma in every situation.

▶️ The main difficulty is how to control the quantity of copper that will be ingested.

▶️ It should be considered as Kumari rich in copper.
▶️ It is best as a supportive treatment.
▶️ Very nice as a pathya during maintenance period.
[20/06/18, 8:42:04 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: I also was using suvarna bharit vacha, but it is very difficult to say that what amount of swarna or tamra will be biological available. Nobody has ever tried to quantify it. Or even if someone did, it is not in public domain. But it enhance the activity. It can be very good study
[20/06/18, 8:43:18 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Satyavrat ji from Nanal clan is part of the group. He can provide more information
[20/06/18, 8:53:25 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Dear Harish ji,I sent this link of an article published with statement of First lady of the country about Ayurveda.If you open the link,There is an option of opening English translation as well. I wanted to share this article as it gives moral boost to entire Ayurveda community.🙏🙏
[20/06/18, 8:55:21 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 🤜🤛
[20/06/18, 9:02:14 AM] ‎Sanjay Chhajed Dr added ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎+91 94235 88275‬, +91 98215 10608‬, +91 98700 38775‬, +91 98509 01713‬, +91 97637 84434‬, +91 94223 57002‬, +91 98500 09051‬, +91 90297 65299‬, +91 99112 09156‬, +91 98862 38888‬, and +91 98726 59493‬
[20/06/18, 9:04:09 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: I am in the trying to rope in as many consultants as possible to make the group remarkable. That’s why I am asking for consent
[20/06/18, 9:06:57 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Have you informed him about the group & has he consented? I personally feel that being the member of the group should be with prior consent
[20/06/18, 9:07:33 AM] Dr Harish Verma: I am writing in continuation of my above post.
*As we go on increasing putas, the quantity of nano particles increases.*

If our objective of give high Putas in preparation of all types of Bhasmas to generate more nano particles then western people are doing better.
Because they have brought almost all metals in nano form in the market.
I tried colloidal Gold and Silver. They work very well and are quite cheaper than our Bhasmas.
However I have not used them in western way. I gave Bhawna of Colloidal Gold water to some herbal preparations and they were more effective than without Gold Bhavit herbal preparations.
[20/06/18, 9:09:56 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Deep Pandey Ji can put some light on Nano particles vs Bhasmas. Kindly post some research articles if available.
[20/06/18, 9:10:03 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Indeed.I agree with you on that aspect.Have been using Colloidal silver like preparations as well with good results.
[20/06/18, 9:24:44 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Silver is compatible with Tulsi. If we add Colloidal silver water to Tulsi plant in a pot for two weeks you will be able to see the real Rasayana (Rejuvenation) Effect on the plant itself.
Even Tulsi nurtured with Silver water is more effective that regular Tulsi.
I think it is almost same theory which our respected members have pointed out in above post. We should also listen the experience of Nanal Parmpra expert in our group.
[20/06/18, 9:27:40 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: I have a question. As being discussed the increase in puta will increase nano particles. But what will happen to the quality of the bhasm?
If we use it colloidal form of metals, they should act like a metal not as bhasma, I would go with Dr. Wadodkar that the free metal even in nano particle size or in any forms would show it’s toxicity
Please elaborate
[20/06/18, 9:32:30 AM] +91 93249 74543‬: Dr Chajjed after informing Dr Rohit about this group and taking his consent …. after that I have put a request to you
[20/06/18, 9:32:34 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Well said Dr Sanjay Ji.
Free Metals could be toxic.
But at the same time our experts agree that
[20/06/18, 9:33:14 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Sorry. I will continue..,
[20/06/18, 9:58:20 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Our experts agree that
*As we go on increasing putas, the quantity of nano particles increases.*
If nano particle generation is objective then modern methods of generating Nano particles are more convenient and economical. After generating Nano particles we can blend those particles with herbs.
*Herb 🌿 ko Metal mein Dalein yaa Metal (Nano Particles) ko Herb mein Dalein*
We can bind the free metal particles.
Tamarkumari or Silvertulsi are examples.
The advantage of this process is:
1. We can control on Nano quantity and quality.
2. In Bhasma preparation
Uniformity is a issue. As the testing is not available many mfr do write 1000 Puti Bhasma, but we have no idea.
Once I was at BHU. Dr Damodar Joshi was there. I asked him why you are using electric furnace for making Gold Bhasma. Dr Joshi Ji said for Gold Bhasma 1500 degree temp is required. And in Uplas the temp goes only upto 750.
Experts can comment.
[20/06/18, 10:12:41 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Thanks.
[20/06/18, 10:12:57 AM] ‎Sanjay Chhajed Dr added +91 98676 81215‬
[20/06/18, 10:20:19 AM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: It is not understandable that the upala putas will not be able to make suvarna bhasm. Putting it to double the temperature will alter the guna.
It’s a common experience that food cooked on slow flame tastes better and is a lighter to stomach.
Experts can comment. I have never created suvarna, roupya bhasm. My experience with metal bhasm is limited to vanga in ug and tamra with Wadodkar ji in PG. I only use bhasm which are available in the market without knowing the methods
[20/06/18, 10:22:58 AM] ‎Sanjay Chhajed Dr added +91 94220 49405‬
[20/06/18, 10:38:27 AM] +91 98900 96200‬: Respected member s , according to my opinion the role of various drugs used in purification and incineration of any metal including Tamra for example nimba ,durva,panchamrutam,gomutra is immense as it increases bioavailability without increasing toxicity they become sendriyatva
[20/06/18, 10:46:49 AM] ‎Sanjay Chhajed Dr added +91 94182 06090‬
[20/06/18, 11:13:04 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Once I visited Zandu Pharmaceuticals. At time Dr K M Parikh was there. He said we make Suvarna Bhasma with electric furnace. He said the same point, which I mentioned.
Rather it was a USP of Zandu Pharma Gold Bhasma.
Their reps in the mkt used to say our method of mfg Gold Bhasma is different from Baidyanath, Dabur and Unjha.
The theory of food cooking and Making Oxides of Metals are two different points.
Let us have expert opinion.
I request Ras Shastra expert to contribute on this issue.
This will be an eye opener for new generation.
[20/06/18, 11:24:08 AM] +91 93249 74543‬: Dear All I hope you are aware of 8th World Ayurveda Conference WAC and and Arogya Expo 18 in Ahmedabad. Gujarat on 14th to 17th Dec 2018
kindly visit
[20/06/18, 11:24:14 AM] +91 94220 49405‬: 🙏🙏🙏
[20/06/18, 11:26:07 AM] +91 90297 65299‬: Yes sir and we are registering for it
[20/06/18, 11:29:27 AM] Dr R K Sharma: Which is already classical
[20/06/18, 11:31:55 AM] ‎Sanjay Chhajed Dr added +91 94250 60632‬
[20/06/18, 11:38:53 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 💐💐🙏
[20/06/18, 11:40:21 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Please put some light on classical Nanal Parmpra.
[20/06/18, 6:13:46 PM] ‎You changed this group’s icon
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[20/06/18, 7:29:37 PM] ‎You added Alice Leon
[20/06/18, 7:53:01 PM] +91 82753 22556‬: *सुप्रभात… अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभे….करो योग रहो निरोग.*
[20/06/18, 8:12:58 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Girishji, 🙏🏻🙏🏻no more wishes please.
[20/06/18, 8:38:13 PM] ‎You added Dr Pradeep Chopra
[20/06/18, 11:43:11 PM] +91 88883 34346‬: Good Morning Every body🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼

I am very much happy looking your interest in Rasashastra.
I will explain some points–
1) When I say increasing number of putas increases nano particles, it means nano particles of BHASMA as a total and not of the metal.
2) Increasing number of putas means —
For ex. — If we have to give 10 putas to loha bhasma then particle size decreases with every next puta.
3) We have to give puta only up till the bhasma fulfills the required standardization tests mentioned in Rasashastra text.
[20/06/18, 11:46:37 PM] Dr Harish Verma: 🙏🙏
[20/06/18, 11:47:15 PM] +91 93249 74543‬: 🙏🏻🙏🏻💐🙏🏻🙏🏻
[20/06/18, 11:49:37 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Now a days many companies are using electri furnaces than old traditional Uplas.
What is the difference?
Can Gold Bhasma be prepared with Uplas.
[20/06/18, 11:50:46 PM] +91 88883 34346‬: This principle applies to all maran processes.
[21/06/18, 12:05:13 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Are following classical tests enough or some modern tests are also required ? 👇
‎[21/06/18, 12:05:23 AM] Dr Harish Verma: ‎
[21/06/18, 12:20:30 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: Sir!
The aim of our Maran Process is not to generate more nano particles.
The aim of our Maran Process is —
1) To DETOXICATE the metal or any other material we want to convert into medicine.
2) To convert the material into absorbable form. Hence particle size is reduced.
(Here nano size is in concern)
Because until the material is not absorbed in our body it can not provide therapeutic or even toxic effects.
3) To produce desired qualities and therapeutic efficacy in the product. Thus to convert the material into medicine which is non toxic and effective.
Nano size increases absorbation and bioavailability.
But it is not total aim.
[21/06/18, 12:31:46 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 👌👌💐💐👍
[21/06/18, 12:36:20 AM] +91 98500 09051‬: 🙏🙏🙏
[21/06/18, 12:43:43 AM] ‎You added Dr Gaytri
[21/06/18, 12:52:10 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: To convert toxic heavy metals into highly effective medicine is the unique and most important technology developed by Indian Rasacharyas. The so called Western People criticize Ayurveda Medicines for high content of heavy metals.But now they are making back door entry of heavy metals in new form like metal chelates or gold water or colloidal metal etc.
But we can use bhasma in various diseases with different actions.
We find different methods of bhasmikarn for same metal.
The bhasma of the same metal, prepared by different methods can be used in different disease with totally different samprapti.
This is the beauty of our bhasmas.
[21/06/18, 12:54:16 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: You are right Sanjay.
[21/06/18, 12:58:33 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 👌👍💐
[21/06/18, 12:59:53 AM] Dr Harish Verma: I found a comprehensive article on Bhasmas on net 👇
[21/06/18, 1:00:14 AM] Dr Harish Verma: https://newdrugapprovals.org/2014/02/26/bhasma-the-ancient-indian-nanomedicine/
[21/06/18, 1:00:47 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: Thanks🙏🌹🙏
[21/06/18, 1:02:02 AM] +91 88883 34346‬: Here a nice day ahead.
See you all tomorrow.
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[21/06/18, 2:44:57 AM] Dr Harish Verma: All members can watch the *Discussion on Hypothyroidism* at International Ayurveda League by clicking following link👇
[21/06/18, 2:45:08 AM] Dr Harish Verma: http://ayurvedacaap.org/blog/
[21/06/18, 2:50:17 AM] ‎You added Dr Hardik Soni
[21/06/18, 2:54:33 AM] ‎You added Dr Nagraj
[21/06/18, 2:56:44 AM] ‎You added Dr Vandhna Siroha
[21/06/18, 2:58:15 AM] +91 99821 91814‬: http://ayurvedamagazine.org/hypothyroidism-ayurvedic-perspective/
[21/06/18, 3:13:27 AM] +91 95032 27966‬: Very nice sir
Please take a little pain to edit it … so the continuation of one topic is fullfilled
[21/06/18, 5:06:14 AM] +91 84548 45088‬: 👍🏻🙏🏻
[21/06/18, 8:17:54 AM] Dr Harish Verma: We will edit it and preserve it for future generations of Ayurveda practitioners.
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‎[21/06/18, 8:31:32 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
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[21/06/18, 8:31:54 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Please Add Dr S N Mishra
‎[21/06/18, 8:32:59 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
‎[21/06/18, 8:33:51 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
[21/06/18, 8:34:45 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Khussu Ji is lead therapist in Colombia for many years and widely connected.
[21/06/18, 8:35:48 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 🙏💐💐🙏
‎[21/06/18, 8:36:18 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
[21/06/18, 8:37:32 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Dr Bhawna Sharma is Ayurvedic Dr and faculty at Ayurveda college Finland.pl all of them know that I recommended their names so that they are comfortable.
[21/06/18, 8:37:36 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: 🙏🙏
[21/06/18, 8:38:14 AM] Dr Harish Verma: 🙏💐💐🙏
‎[21/06/18, 8:39:47 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
[21/06/18, 8:42:39 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Kamal Taori Ji
I hope you remember Dr Harish Verma.
Welcome !
[21/06/18, 8:42:51 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Dr Kamal Taori has back ground like Deep Narain Pandey.So he is also very important person with greater vision .His background should be asked directly to him as I don’t want to make any mistakes.
[21/06/18, 8:43:38 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: Oh.ok you know him. good.we share another group together where he is the group admin as well.
[21/06/18, 8:43:44 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Thank you Dr Akhilesh Ji
‎[21/06/18, 8:45:07 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
‎[21/06/18, 8:47:51 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
[21/06/18, 9:00:23 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Vaidya Naveen Gupta Ji
[21/06/18, 9:01:02 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Pratap Chowhan Ji
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[21/06/18, 9:06:23 AM] Dr S G Prasanna: Thank you👍
‎[21/06/18, 9:10:43 AM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: ‎
[21/06/18, 9:14:59 AM] Dr.R.Shylaja Kumari: 🙏 Thanks for adding👍💐💐💐
[21/06/18, 9:20:16 AM] Dr Srihari S: Thank you for adding.. 🙏
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WhatsApp Discussion Series 1 ( Hypothyroidism )

[19/06/18, 12:02:48 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Excellent!!!
What is co-relation of Hypothyroidism in Ayurveda. Or even nearest co-relation?
[19/06/18, 12:04:33 PM] Dr Akhilesh sharma – delhi – BAMS: That will be interesting to really know
[19/06/18, 12:06:29 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: There is no specific ref of thyroid gland in sharir

Only ant. Part of greeva called as avatu by sushrut dalhan tika

Will share soon

We can corelate with galgand

Or think about shoth according to trishothiya adhya
[19/06/18, 12:08:18 PM] Dr Harish Verma: ‎You deleted this message.
[19/06/18, 12:09:34 PM] Dr Harish Verma: I came across many patients, whose TSH was high but they were not Obese.
On the other hand I have seen many patients who were Obese with raised TSH and they felt good relief after taking Thyroxine from their medical doctors.
What is your experience with so many patients of Hypothyroidism.
[19/06/18, 12:11:45 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: ‎This message was deleted.
[19/06/18, 12:12:40 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: ‎This message was deleted.
[19/06/18, 12:15:37 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: Yesss because of samprapti anshansh kalpana

Hetu vaishamya
N many more
[19/06/18, 12:19:29 PM] ‪+91 77488 03729‬: Dr. Harish Verma, Namaste
I think we have formed a group. So humble request why we are involved in what we or any one has done.
It seems we are forwarding testimonlies.
Let the group grow and we will chat. No Thanvidha Sambhasha Now. Sorry to post.
[19/06/18, 12:19:43 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Excellent.
Some of my doubts have been cleared.
Recently I saw one patient. She was loosing weight and her pulse rate was 128.
She was put on Thyroxine 5 years ago on the basis of TSH. However her doctor was checking TSH after every three months.
I dared to stop her thyroxine considering she was turning into thyrotoxicosis. She felt better but her TSH went up and her doctor again started Thyroxine.
What is your opinion?
[19/06/18, 12:23:21 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Just started discussion on Hypothyroidism, please contribute.
[19/06/18, 12:25:40 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Dr. Satyavrat Nanal is a 8th generation vaidya from the most famous vaidya family “NANALS” from Maharashtra. I mistakenly included both his numbers as they were separately saved. Thank you for pointing & correcting me.
[19/06/18, 12:28:04 PM] Dr Harish Verma: In Galgand, generally symptoms are related to shape of Thyroid. It will be closer to either Goiter or Tumour of Thyroid.
In Hypothyroidism the shape of thyroid is not affected, only function is affected.
What is your opinion?
[19/06/18, 12:29:27 PM] ‪+91 84548 45088‬: Thanks sir for the intro.

Just a correction, mine is not 8th generation. Mine is 4th generation now. The tradition is since 1915
[19/06/18, 12:29:48 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: There are many senior teachers and equal numbers of young but talented consultants like Pallavi ji or Dr. Narayan who specialize in chronic urethral stricture, having patients from all over the world.. But that doesn’t affect the discussion. Every one is in same stage
[19/06/18, 12:31:57 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: Galgand by sushruta mentioned in both manspradoshaj n medopradoshaj vyadhi

When samprapti related with manspradoshjanya it is galgand as chikitsa for this shastra kshar agni.

When involved with medopradoshaj it’s hypothyroidism
[19/06/18, 12:35:43 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Can you please share the flow chart of hypothyroidism patients commonly seen in patients Dr. Babel Sadhanaji
[19/06/18, 12:36:22 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Every third Obese is Hypothyroid patient…Insulin resistant and Diabetic…
Since 2 decades Hypothyroid has become so common
[19/06/18, 12:36:33 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: If we can formulate a samprapti flow chart will make it easy
‎[19/06/18, 12:39:58 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: ‎
‎[19/06/18, 12:40:06 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: ‎
[19/06/18, 12:40:44 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: It means 2/3 rd of the obese patients are non hypothyroid. So we can put it this way that while understanding obesity, we could come across hypothyroidism. But when the mamsapradoshaj samprapti takes place do we get goiter with euthyroidism?
‎[19/06/18, 12:41:22 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: ‎
[19/06/18, 12:41:43 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Can you please share the paper in English? Dr. Sadhanaji
[19/06/18, 12:43:56 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: I have shared already
[19/06/18, 12:44:07 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Does this mean that the samprapti of hypothyroidism is similar to that of tumor?
[19/06/18, 12:44:28 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Oh, thanks.
[19/06/18, 12:44:55 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: I couldn’t download
[19/06/18, 12:45:02 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: If manspradoshaj then same i think
[19/06/18, 12:46:57 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Can you elaborate the entire samprapti with kind of hetu – guna – lakshan samprapti
[19/06/18, 12:56:37 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Yes that’s what has been observed only the function alters
[19/06/18, 12:57:59 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Wow !!!
Allopathic doctors cosider themselves most advanced and scientific but they have only reached to Thyroxine so far.
On the other hand if we look at Ayurveda literature we can very well answer many questions.
We will also discuss Autoimmune Hypothyroidism, which is never treated by allopathic doctors all over the world.
They cannot think beyond TSH and Thyroxine. However Ayurveda experts are competent in giving solutions to such incurable disorders provided the pathological process is properly analysed through Anshansha Kalpna.
[19/06/18, 1:03:50 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Very true
[19/06/18, 1:05:52 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: This I think has to yet to be analysed whether any co relation in Ayurved
[19/06/18, 1:07:21 PM] Dr Harish Verma: I request the experts to solve my problem 👇
[19/06/18, 1:07:39 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Is obesity causing Hypothyroidism or is Hypothyroidism causing obesity …which is commonly seen
[19/06/18, 1:08:46 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Recently I saw one patient. She was loosing weight and her pulse rate was 128.
She was put on Thyroxine 5 years ago on the basis of TSH. However her doctor was checking TSH after every three months.
I dared to stop her thyroxine considering she was turning into thyrotoxicosis. She felt better but her TSH went up and her doctor again started Thyroxine.
Her Anti-Thyroid antibodies were positive.
[19/06/18, 1:11:41 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Very good question.
Let experts give their opinion.
[19/06/18, 1:12:14 PM] ‪+91 98197 83426‬: Agree,True
[19/06/18, 1:13:05 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Just reverting to earlier comments Gaalgand is addressed to mumps …
[19/06/18, 1:19:04 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: I am KSR prasad familiar as technoayurveda basically from Hyderabad and graduated and done PG in kayachikitsa under the guidance of tridosha theory fame Dr VVS Sastry. Out of curiocity i did my PhD in astrodiagnosis after MA Jyotsh vastu. I work in Germany Nederlands Croatia and so on and at present as vice dean and head of panchakarma at mahatma gandhi ayurved college wardha. I authored 2 books and edited 2 books. My recent book is Technoayurveda practical SOP Panchakarma

I am glad to be here in between stalwarts of ayurveda
‎[19/06/18, 1:19:14 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: ‎
[19/06/18, 1:26:29 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: As commonly seen Hypothyroid contributes to about 30 to 40 % of weight gain due to sluggish BMR other factors would be faulty life style …as soon as you correct TSH levels weight gain due to Hypothyroid is lost…
[19/06/18, 1:31:06 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Is today’s stressful lifestyle creating imbalance in the endocrine system leading to multiple and inter related psychosomatic disorders….are low levels of Vit D3 and Low Bit B 12 have some role to play on today’s scenario
[19/06/18, 1:35:18 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: My understanding about hypothyroidism is different.
Before to introduction of iodized salt the incidences are minimal and increased anormasly after the usage of iodized salt.
The pituitary hypothslamus thyroid gonodotropin axis is important in the pathology of galaganda.
Typical shigru kanchanara combination brought many hypothoroidism patients to euthyroidism. Adding manasamitra vatakam is good enough. Shirodhara with tailam takram or even water yeald the reduction in thyroxine levels.
These are few inputs from my side on hypothyroidism.
[19/06/18, 1:36:24 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: An Holistic approach and multidisciplinary and integrated therapy is to be innovated to tackle these issues
[19/06/18, 1:37:55 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Excellent inputs Dr KSR Even I have been using Kanchanaar Guggul
[19/06/18, 1:40:56 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: 3 to 5 gms of kanchanara guggulu with 60ml of shigru kashaya at 6am single dose for 40 days brings even 25-40 TSH levels down to euthyroidism … if iodized salt is avoided
[19/06/18, 1:50:06 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: 👍🏻👍🏻
[19/06/18, 1:54:05 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: We have prepared shigru gugul
[19/06/18, 1:55:14 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: Kirattikta khadir deodar varun daruharidra haridra r useful
[19/06/18, 2:05:47 PM] Dr Harish Verma: 💐💐🙏
[19/06/18, 2:06:35 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Excellent. 🙏
Is it a life long treatment. As Allopaths say Thyroxine has to be taken throughout life.
Can we erase this misconception from people’s minds?
[19/06/18, 2:24:02 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: Not necessary for lifelong
[19/06/18, 2:24:03 PM] Dr Harish Verma: My son Gaurav from Chandigarh ordered this book and he sent it to me. Excellent book. Very useful for western students of Ayurveda.
[19/06/18, 2:31:15 PM] Dr Harish Verma: If you have evidence of even five years of drug free life after Ayurvedic treatment of Hypothyroidism, the we have capacity to spread this message worldwide.
But evidence should be very strong, preferably validated by multicentric clinical trials.
[19/06/18, 2:31:49 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Then*
[19/06/18, 2:33:07 PM] ‪+91 94223 35937‬: Yes
[19/06/18, 9:23:49 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: 🙏
[19/06/18, 9:25:35 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: In the clinical trial the patients stop thyroxine as they become normal but they are not able to avoid iodized salt as no normal salt is available in the market
[19/06/18, 9:43:19 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: The natural sea salt, commonly known as a as jade mith in Maharashtra is non iodised, sir & is commonly in use. But this hypothesis needed to be investigated as many parts in India are not using iodised salt, the same is in some of the European countries. We need to look at larger perspective
[19/06/18, 9:45:23 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: You are absolutely right sir
See the incidences published before the year 2000 and after for it
The incidences are more from urban but not from rural where still people are using traditional salt
[19/06/18, 9:47:20 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Can we thank that for the Sluggish metabolism can be attributed to Agnimandya, in later phase medodhatwagni mandya. Or other dhatwagni also involved? What kind of strotodushti? How can we explain khavaigunya at thyroid?
[19/06/18, 9:52:33 PM] Sanjay Chhajed Dr: Sirji, can we get a sismological study, by just analyzing the data from phcs, rural hospitals against that of civil hospitals for the cases of obesity to begin with?
I understand that this will raise many questions like differences in the lifestyle, availability of investigation etc
[19/06/18, 10:00:52 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: Very good point
Iodized salt (even though lavana is agnivruddhikara) directly proprtional to the reduction of agni there by medovruddhi and galaganda (hypothyroidism)
[19/06/18, 10:14:51 PM] ‪+91 99204 86729‬: ✍
*खामोश चहरे पर*
*हजारो पहरे होते है,*
*हँसती आँखों में भी*
*जख्म गहरे होते है,*
*जिनसे अक्सर*
*रूठ जाते है हम,*
*असल में उनसे ही*
*रिश्ते ज्यादा गहरे होते है .*

[19/06/18, 10:21:10 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: Dr Chajjed could it be that all 13 agni ie sapt dhatu Panch bhautik and jatthar agni all are involved and affected
[19/06/18, 10:28:30 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: Absolutely
[19/06/18, 10:38:10 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Good morning.
I was going through some American websites about relation of iodised salt with Hypothyroidism. I found 👇 information on Mayo Clinic website:
[19/06/18, 10:38:17 PM] Dr Harish Verma: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hypothyroidism/expert-answers/hypothyroidism-iodine/faq-20057929
[19/06/18, 10:43:00 PM] Dr Harish Verma: You can see they have mentioned contradictory statements like:

It is true that iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism.

If iodine deficiency isn’t the cause of hypothyroidism, then iodine supplements provide no benefit and should not be used.

In fact, for some people with abnormal thyroid glands, too much iodine can cause or worsen hypothyroidism.
[19/06/18, 10:46:11 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: It clearly states that iodine is one of the cause and before prescribing iodine one should have a test of serum iodine.
Very unfortunately he left from discussion what harm makes a non iodine developed hypothyroidism
[19/06/18, 10:46:43 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: The fact is it worsens the situation
[19/06/18, 10:52:25 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Dr Nigam Ji
One humble request:
Please avoid posting of non-medical messages.
These days we all are getting hundreds of Good Morning messages, Jokes, Poems, Patriotic sms etc etc.
It will be wastage of time. Sometimes these messages deviate from original discussions.
I personally will welcome integrative approach. We will discuss Ayurveda as well as modern aspects of every topic
[19/06/18, 10:56:15 PM] Dr Harish Verma: Saindhav Namak is freely available in mkt. that is iodine free. One can grind in a grinder.
[19/06/18, 11:01:24 PM] Dr Harish Verma: How common is Hypothyroidism without Obesity or Weight Gain?
[19/06/18, 11:02:04 PM] ‪+91 99821 91814‬: Ask them to use Saindhav, the rock salt
[19/06/18, 11:04:46 PM] ‪+91 99821 91814‬: I am dealing with many patients taking thyroxine, and their TSH level is normal but many of clinical symptoms persist including weight gain, lethargy, headache, irritation etc we stop the thyroxine then manage
[19/06/18, 11:05:17 PM] ‪+91 99821 91814‬: Also consider Garvisha and Dushivisha
[19/06/18, 11:10:01 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: I second …the thought…🙏🏻🙏🏻
[19/06/18, 11:11:37 PM] ‪+91 93249 74543‬: I don’t have correct data need to explore…. but clinical observation could be about 5 % without obesity …. honestly need to do search
[19/06/18, 11:14:00 PM] Dr Harish Verma: True.
Thyroxine or Levothyroxine has known side effects.
But you are right sir, in many cases it just normalize TSH nothing else.
I am posting side effects of Thyroxine.
We will try to save this discussion in some Blog form as a record, which will be very useful for future generations of Ayurveda practitioners.
[19/06/18, 11:14:16 PM] Dr Harish Verma: https://www.rxlist.com/levoxyl-side-effects-drug-center.htm
[19/06/18, 11:21:55 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: Stula is common but we need see how many are with sthoulya and atisthula or durmeda
[19/06/18, 11:22:56 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: Yes sir true
That is the reason to add shirodhara for them
[19/06/18, 11:32:12 PM] ‪+91 96877 92882‬: Namaste To all.
I feel categorization of thyroid profile in consideraction with Ayurved is utmost important. Many patients being in the level of primary thyroidism are being prescribed for thyroxin with high powers in very first phase of treatment which makes the Pathology more complicated
[19/06/18, 11:42:46 PM] Dr Harish Verma: 🙏
if you are saying *high doses of Thyroxine in primary phase of hypothyroidism makes it worse* then it will be an eye opener for the entire medical fraternity.
Can we generate any evidence in this regard?
[19/06/18, 11:48:31 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: Rather say irretional prescription of thyroxine
[19/06/18, 11:49:19 PM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: May statents are taken back by allopaths as they are found bluf such as cholesterol
[19/06/18, 11:49:43 PM] ‪+91 96877 92882‬: That’s the point sir
[19/06/18, 11:50:33 PM] ‪+91 98197 83426‬: I m treating Hypothrodisam
First shodhan in Virechana
Then kanchnar
Madhya..Got some pts.PCOS
with Hypothyroidism.
[19/06/18, 11:51:45 PM] Dr Harish Verma: I have seen few cases of Hypothyroidism with raised TSH level but H/o weight loss. Two of them got their Anti Thyroid Antibodies done. That was positive. So I think Autoimmune Hypothyroidism is different.
Hashimoto Thyroiditis
[20/06/18, 12:02:32 AM] Dr Harish Verma: I am posting a video, which is very relevant to yesterday’s query 👇
[20/06/18, 12:02:42 AM] Dr Harish Verma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWCX-WvDvjg
[20/06/18, 12:11:06 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Now its mid night in Canada. We will discuss Autoimmune Hypothyroidism, where we will discuss Sama, Nirama, Avarna, Agni, Chikitsa Sutra, Single Drugs, Shastriya Yoga, Pathya and Apathya for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto Thyroiditis.
[20/06/18, 12:14:11 AM] Dr Harish Verma: Please invite more like minded members in this group, who believe in both *Ayurvedic Samhitas & Modern Science.*
[20/06/18, 12:24:42 AM] ‪+91 95032 27966‬: It is the effect of hypothalamus….. gonodotropin axis
[20/06/18, 12:27:10 AM] ‪+91 98197 83426‬: Yes sir